Cap Crafting 101

Hello lovely followers, Jessie here! Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the love and support you all give to Rachael and I. We really wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you amazing people, and we can’t thank you enough for the constant love you show us. We have so much planned for RubyLemonGirls and hope that you all around for a very long time to see the fun projects we have in store! Secondly, I am so thrilled to share with you guys my graduation cap design! I honestly couldn’t believe how many people reached out to me saying how much they loved my cap, and wanted to hear details on how I came up with the idea and design. So here we go.

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted at first to be completely honest. I had thought about it throughout the semester a little, but was super busy with job recruitment and school…it definitely wasn’t my top priority to say the least. Close to the end of the semester I began to search the web via Pinterest, Etsy, Google, ect to try and find some inspiration. I found a lot of options and ideas for colors and materials on Pinterest especially, so I recommend checking out multiple sites for a variety of ideas and inspo. Also, I’m not too sure about other high schools/ colleges but, TCU doesn’t give you your cap and gown until pretty much two days before graduation…so that was a whole other issue that I was really concerned with because, well, TIME. I will warn you all now, to have a really beautiful cap, you need to section out a good chunk of time to spend dedicated to the process of the design and production of your cap. It can be really time consuming depending on the level and amount of detail you want to add to your cap. For me personally, my design was very detailed, and I chose to spend a good amount of time on it because I really wanted to have something special that I could show off and keep as a memento from my college graduation. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your cap is a representation of YOU. Every cap is different and each represent a unique individual, their life experiences, and journey. Don’t be afraid to be bold and be different, after all, this is a once and a lifetime experience!

So, to recap! Before you begin designing, crafting, and creating your graduation cap my top three pieces of advice are as follows:

  1. Do your research. Search the internet/ social media platforms to find inspiration and ideas.
  2. Make time. Plan and section off a large chunk or small chunks of time to make sure you don’t feel rushed during both the design and production processes. ( Overall, I dedicated about 6-7 hrs to design and produce my cap)
  3. Stay true to yourself. Your cap is a representation of you! Don’t be afraid to be different and have fun with it. You will feel a lot more accomplished if you create something unique to you, I promise!

So after you’ve done your research and figured out a time or times when you can dedicate yourself to your cap production, it’s time to gather your materials. Now, this can be really intimidating there are so many stores and items out there it sometimes can be really overwhelming. So, what I suggest is that you decide on your design and color scheme BEFORE you go shopping for materials. I also suggest either Michaels or Hobby Lobby to go shopping for materials. These stores have the best options and have so many different materials and products for you to choose from.

Essentials you are going to need to put together your cap include:

  1. Hot Glue Gun ( I bought this one for $2.99 from Michaels!)
  2. A straight edge metal ruler
  3. A cutting board/ surface you can cut on with a straight edge blade (Like this one:
  4. Scissors
  5. A straight edge cutting blade

Regardless of your design, I believe these to all be necessary items you will need to assemble and produce your graduation cap efficiently and successfully.

Now for my cap personally I used all the materials above plus the ones I have posted below (ps. I shopped for everything at Michaels):

  1. Flower Crown– ( I created my own, and can do a tutorial/ blog post if you all are interested on how I created my flower crown, however, you can buy premade flower crowns from Michaels/ Etsy/ ect.) They have some really cheap ones at Forever 21, for those of you interested here is the link:
  2. Pink Shimmer Paper-×12-shimmer-paper-by-recollections/10470493.html
  3. Gold Letters-
  4. Gold Paper Petal Flowers-
  5. Turquoise Pink Speckled Flowers-
  6. Iridescent Rhinestones- ( Like these:
  7. “Letter” Charm for tassel

In general, some decorations that I think really embellish and make your cap unique include:

  • Statement paper base
  • Letters
  • Flowers
  • Rhinestones
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Beads and Charms
  • Personal drawings and creations

***Be creative, make it your own! This is your chance to choose what materials and decorations best describe your personality and your journey.***

The Process:

  1. Cut the base paper to fit the hat.
  2. Now for the tricky part, you will kind of have to feel out where the small bulb in the center of the cap is that holds the tassel. Once out feel that out, mark that spot. Then cut a small hole in the paper and press through to secure it on top of the cap.
  3. Then I began to assemble where I wanted my flowers and rhinestones, and measured how much room my letters would take up. (I think it is important to pick a phrase or quote that embodies you, take time to think about what you’d like your cap to say!)
  4. Once you have everything placed, it’s time to hot glue! Be patient, I know it is tedious but the more time you spend the better your cap will look!
  5. Lastly I added the “Letter” Charm to my tassel to add a bit of personalization to my cap! Plus, the charm was really cute and added a little something “extra” to make my cap truly unique.
  6. VIOLA! You are done!

I hope this helps a lot of you all that were curious about my cap and graduation cap creation in general. If anyone has questions or need help finding anything feel free to reach out, I’d love to discuss ideas and designs with you!

This One’s for the Boys…..

Hey friends!!… So today Jessie and I decided to reach out to our male followers as well as our girls per usual ( in regards to boyfriends, brothers, ect.)! Sometimes its hard to get your man to dress the part… or to develop any kind of style( boys are just ahhh sometimes haha so frustrating when it comes to clothing). So we are dedicating this post to giving yall some tips in regards to shopping with your boyfriend, helping him to develop his own style, and giving some ideas on clothing ideas for certain occasions!

To our GIRLS: on shopping with your guy.. if youre a guy skip down a bit more 🙂

So first tip: DON’T be too controlling. When you shop with your boyfriend or significant other its important to listen to them, and key in on different items they like! You can then interject your own ideas about what you think would look best on them and work from there. You never want to take away your person’s style and replace with your own; rather, incorporate both ideas and come up with a solid style that looks great and your significant other feels cute in!!<— so important!!

2: Take your partner somewhere they don’t normally shop! BOYS get comfortable. They will shop at the same stores they’ve always shopped at till they die…. haha, so try and bring them to new places and show them what else is out there!

3: When planning a shopping day, keep it rather short. Most guys( not all..) dont have a lot of patience when it comes to shopping, so limit the trip to 2 hours or so!

4: If there is an event that you want your partner to dress for, tell them! Give them an idea of what you expect so that he or she can shop accordingly if you cant tag along! The more direction, THE BETTER.

5: GIFTS: giving clothes, watches, shoes as gifts on holidays or anniversaries can really help guide your partner in the right direction when it comes to styling. Some guys it comes naturally, and others it doesn’t… figure out what your guy is( you may already know) and go from there!


So some places that our boyfriends shop/ where they find certain pieces include:

Pac sun( they have a great jean selection, different styles, fits, and colors).

This sounds funny… but old navy has great plain tshirts that look great with jeans or shorts! and its cheap there! you just have to take the time to look!

JCREW always has super cute clothes for guys… a little more on the dressy side and definitely more pricey… a lot of times they have student discounts!.. so that helps!

Urban Outfitters is tougher,,, . you’ll be able to tell real quick if you’re into that style of clothes or not! They tend to have a lot of Adidas, champion brands that my boyfriend likes quite a lot!

H&M and forever21 is kind of hit or miss but can have some real gems ! Id suggest going with your girl to these places, just because it can be tougher to find things depending on what your looking for! Sometimes the clothes can look kind of cheap if you don’t pick the right items!

SHOES: OKAY so Ive learned shoes are a very touchy item. Guys, y’all are pretty specific about what shoes you want/where they are from/who makes them. Id leave shoes up to you to shop for or tell your girlfriend specifically what you want before hand if you want shoes as a gift <— for tips on shoe purchases/ finding deals… you can message @alec.bridges on instagram he will hook you up hehe)


Over all, shopping for your guy, or with your guy can be frustrating and it can be hard for you as the guy to pick things out. Hopefully this post gives some insight into the best way to shop and how to develop your own personal style:)


Thanks beautiful people and hope yall enjoy this post! XO,,


Oh so fun, graduation weekend

Hey friends! So graduation weekend has come to a close and what an amazing weekend it was! Jessie was beautiful! Sharing her cap details in this post as well as our outfit details! Super excited to share the amazing photos from this weekend with you all!


Jessie and I had Erin our bestie in town, Stephen her boyfriend, and my boyfriend Alec as well as my parents and our younger sisters! We stayed at a hotel around TCU campus and went to 2 lovely dinners( the social house and Blue Sushi<– both restaurants here in the fort worth area)! Feeling so lucky and blessed to have such amazingly generous parents!.. The whole weekend went by in a blur but it was just perfect in every way. I am incredibly proud of Jessie for her achievements and hard work these past four years. She is beautiful, creative, and I cannot wait to see all the opportunities presented to her in the next few years! For anyone wondering, I am graduating this fall and intend on moving back to Houston and back with Jessie( this coming semester will be our first apart! ahhh kind of nervous but i know its going to be good for both of us!)

Here are the outfit details babes! and some photos of Jessie’s graduation cap!( we love crafting… hoping to share more details on how we put the cap together in another post). That is all for now!XO,,


Jessie Dress: For love and lemons 

Shoes: Betsey Johnson( originally 130.. got for 70$ WHAT a steal!)


Rachael’s Dress: urban outfitters

Shoes: Dillards

Neck tie: urban outfitters

Earrings: Top shop

Watch: Anne Klein ( my moms vintage so not sure if they sell this exact one anymore but they definitely have some similar looking watches)


INSIDER ALERT: Nursing School

Just thinking about how amazingly fast this semester flew by! Jessie and I finished up our semesters today(classes at least… the FINALS still loom for me but shes about finished up!) We have had some super fun times, growing up together these past four years. I am excited to be wrapping up my senior 1 semester of nursing school .. guys,, I SEE the light. I never thought Id get here… though there were many obstacles, long nights, early early ( I’m talking 445 am early) mornings, I found this semester to be particularly rewarding. i learned so much from my professors about life and the value of kindness, presence, and determination.

I wanted to dedicate this post to let y’all get to know me: Rachael, a bit more. I wanted to share with you all some of the ups and downs of this semester in regards to my major and if anyone has any questions about nursing as a major feel free to shoot me a message or email… Id love to help!!

For those who don’t know I am a nursing student … senior 1 so i graduate in December WOHOO.. this will be by far my greatest accomplishment.. lots of tears, hard work, and focus has gone into my degree. Nursing is not easy by any means… a lot harder than what most people think.. and not at all what I expected when I chose it my freshmen year…. So here it goes:

Not going to lie to you guys, this semester has been the toughest class wise. I found myself particularly pushed outside my comfort zone in clinical and simulation lab.. and my courses were TOUGH ( adult 2 which is critical care stuff and Family concepts– which include both pediatric and maternity content). Its hard not to get discouraged when you study for weeks, countless hours a day, never sleep, and then not get the grade you wanted… talking with my classmates this seems to be a constant theme and struggle among us all. It sucks. I am quite hard on myself( as are my classmates.. must be a nursing thing hehe) so its hard to find the positive and keep yourself motivated to keep going at times.. Ive found through positive self talk, journaling, and a strong support system, you can battle and survive the lowest of lows. SO hang in there if you’re feeling defeated.. we have all been there i promise and you will survive!


Here are some of my main takeaways from this semester:

  1. GRADES matter, but don’t define you: As my sweet boyfriend reminds me weekly, B’s are okay.. especially since you’re giving it your all, keep going. This is so hard.. the perfectionist in me just hates seeing a “B” instead of an “A”…. I have to remind myself that a B isn’t going to make me a bad nurse.. and Im not a perfect person… there is always room for improvement.
  2. LIFE is beautiful: Guys, I got to assist in delivering a little life into the world…. how beautiful is that?!! well let me tell you I about cried.
  3. Growth is measured in difficulties: UGHH i got so frustrated with myself at times in clinical missing a detail here and there… my professors questioning me and not having an answer right away.. but at the end you know what? I didn’t miss the details and I had the answers. Difficulties helped me grow. \
  4. You cant take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself: I am on a continuous journey of learning how to love myself and keep myself healthy physically and mentally. sleep is  key. food is key. accepting yourself, flaws and all will set you free. practice self love everyday.
  5. Friends are family: my nursing buddies.. gosh if any of you guys are reading this I owe so much to you. Nursing school should really be called nursing family. Without them I don’t know where Id be. Make friends with your nursing family… they are the only ones that truly “get it.”
  6. On interviews: ASK exactly where you’re reporting to: So, first interview ever for a nurse externship I went to the wrong HR(there were two.. i was unaware).. showed up 2 hours late …. guess i killed the interview cause I got the JOB YAYY GO ME.. but still ,, guys I have never been so embarrassed. ASK to be sure.
  7. I LOVE NURSING: the ups the manyyy downs, and everything in between has shown me how much I love my major.. I love that I get to advocate for my patients, support them in times of trial, rejoice in the triumphs, and learn from each patient encounter.
  8. Never give up. this goes out to anyone brave enough and willing to do the work. Nursing is hard crap guys… but if you want it, are willing to work your butt off, you can look forward to a purposeful life filled with experiences that will blow you away.

So there it is. My takeaways from this senior one semester of nursing school. Wow what a journey and I am so thankful for every second of it. Cheers to entering my last semester and taking on the world of nursing soon…. to be continued.

With lovee,

Rachael …

Spicy Turmeric Chipotle Kale Chips

Looking for a yummy but healthy snack .. jessie and I are excited to share with you these yummy Spicy Turmeric Chipotle Kale Chips !!… fun twist on this classic kale chip. Hope you all love these and give them a try!! Recipe and directions below babes! 

Set oven to 450 

On a baking sheet add fresh chopped Kale 

Spray with avocado oil

Sprinkle to taste: 




Dried Chipotle pepper    

Let roast until golden brown! 

Take out and enjoy! 

Simple and easy! Much love. Xo,,

Our top 10 must haves: CLOSET edition

Hey guys.. so today I was thinking I would share some of my “must haves” when it comes to my closet. So here we go!…

  1. An amazing pair of black jeans!– these are from pac sun!
  2. Booties: these amazing cheetah booties are from urban outfitters. SUPER CUTE
  3. Brief case bag: this purse is amazing. Its a little on the bigger side so it holds a lot and looks super cute as well as being functional!
  4. A black sweat shirt: see a trend;).. hehe we love black!! but its always important to have a top that can keep you warm and that goes with different outfits!
  5. White blouse: we have some really cute white blouses,, but you should at least have one really nice one that can dress up a pair of jeans or be worn with a skirt for a more professional look!
  6. Flare jeans: YESS we love ours! We got them from free people. Absolutely stunning you can dress them up or down depending on the top you pair with!
  7. A cute scarf: literally can dress up any outfit; cute as can be for spring and fall! We got our favorite one from urban outfitters!
  8. Mini skirt: our favorite is from top shop! its trendy looks amazing with a pair of heels or boots!
  9. Speaking of boots: JEFFERY CAMPBELL is bae. we got a black pair of thigh highs that are to die for !!
  10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Romper. There are so many to choose from but one of our most favorites as of recent is from urban outfitters. it has the cutest pattern and is perfect for summertime!!

XO,, hope this gives yall a peak inside our closet and some inspiration for your own wardrobe!

Graduation Dresses 

FINALLY!! …Super excited to share Jessie’s graduation pictures!! Tminus 1 month till the big day!  Thanks so Shelby tsika photography… jessie got the most amazing photos done! We loved the entire experience and feel so thankful to have gotten to know her! We Highly recommend her ! What a fun day we had ! I loved being makeup/hair girl for the day…. and Jessie looked super stunning!!

Outfit details below:

All outfits pictured are from nordstroms!! (Clearly one of our favorite stores, plus we had gift card money to spend from Christmas time! Wohoo !!)