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Hi babes! Hope everyone is doing well and having a great labor day weekend! Its been a crazy couple of days with the hurricane hitting us here in Houston, TX. Luckily, our house was not flooded and we didn’t suffer any major damages. We are truly blessed. Although there is so much devastation and loss, it has been incredible to see the people of Texas come together to support each other during this crisis. I have been thinking of ways to give back and will keep you all posted…looking for some ideas if anyone has a certain charity or donation recommendation please share below. I really want to find a way to give back and help the community in any way possible. I am also looking into volunteer options and such as another way to offer assistance. I know a lot of people need help with cleaning their homes and what not, and maybe even babysitting kids while mom and dad run errands and clean. Also, we cold set up a donation page of a sort if you all would be interested in that. If anyone needs anything, please do not hesitate to reach out. We love our followers and think of you all like family, so if anyone is in need of something please direct message us on our Instagram page @Healthy.Living.Inspiration, or email us via the link in our bio. Even if it is just to chat to take your mind off of things, we are here for you.  I am really happy to see so many people in the community coming up with ways to give back, and help out families in need. Really proud to be a Texan, and I hope the rest of the country is learning the valuable lesson of love and compassion though the brave acts of my fellow Texans. No race, no religion, just love. This is who America is. #TexasStrong

On another note, I wanted to share a little outfit inspo with you all. We have gotten so many messages about our blue jean selections. I have to say for us, finding the perfect pair of blue jeans is NEVER easy. Our favorite fits usually come from, Brandy Melville, Abercrombie and Fitch (  I know that’s kind of odd, but their jeans fit our body type really well), urban outfitters occasionally, (but sometimes their stuff tends to be a little long for us), and the Loft ( have to shop petite here). To be honest, its all about finding a pair of jeans that fits your body type, and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. There are so many brands out there that we haven’t tried, so you never know what you may find. We will keep you guys posted on new brands that we try out and love!

In this outfit Jessie is wearing a pair of Brandy Melville boyfriend jeans, a white off the shoulder blouse from forever 21, and a pair of Gianni Bini heels ( got these on sale at Dillard’s for 27$..serioulsy such a deal). The earrings are vintage from a little hole in the wall boutique, but you can definitely find similar ones at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. We will also be sharing this makeup look with you guys soon so stay tuned…featuring some new Lancôme products that have become a part of our essential makeup bag items. Sending lots of love you all, and thank you for tuning in and supporting means the world.

Here are some links to some cute items that you can get to replicate this look! (Ps. none of this is sponsored, just stuff we have found that we like and want to share with you guys.)

1.Brandy Melville Jeans:

2. Forever 21 White Blouse( this is the exact one we bought):

3. Shoes from Macy’s( ONLY 24$ and so cute!):


Jessie and Rachael Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Roasted Garlic Sesame Acorn Squash topped with a Cherry Pistachio Arugula Salad

Roasted Garlic Sesame Acorn Squash topped with a Cherry Pistachio Arugula Salad inspired by Giada Set the oven to 400 degrees 

On a large baking sheet place 1 acorn squash cut into wedges.

Drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, Sesame seeds, garlic powder, and dried basil.

Let cook for 40 minutes or until you can easily place a fork into the squash. 

Set aside. 

In a small bowl mix together

3 tablespoons of olive oil 

3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar 

1/2 teaspoon of salt 

In a large bowl add

1/4 cup dried cherries 

1/2 cup roasted pistachios 

2 cups baby arugula 

Then pour into the salad 3/4 of the vinaigrette and mix

Drizzle the rest of the dressing on top of the roasted acorn squash.

Pour the salad on top of the roasted squashes and enjoy. 

VEGAN FOODS WORTH TRYING.. even if you’re not Vegan 

Don’t call it Vegan !

A guest post by Royal – a member of the team at Avocadoo – tool designed to help users discover healthy new recipes from indie cooks and bloggers.
I spent 6 years as a vegan and one of the first things I learned (other than “don’t tell people you’re vegan”) was to keep quiet about what actually was vegan. If I made something for a dinner party or had friends over that didn’t know, I wouldn’t tell them that what they were going to eat was vegan.
Why? Well, if the reaction to the food was positive or indifferent it would almost always become negative as soon as I admitted that that wasn’t technically quaeso or really a hamburger.
The idea that vegan is a synonym for disgusting was just that ingrained in their minds, and, well, our culture overall. To the general populace the word vegan doesn’t bring to mind a quinoa salad or guacamole, it bring to mind some kind of frankensteinesque confection of soy trying to masquerade as
The biggest problem that ‘vegan’ has always faced is the preponderance of vegan alternatives to meat and animal products. For some reason many vegans are willing to make massive changes to their diet but they don’t want to fully give up the likes of hamburgers or bacon. So naturally businesses were more than willing to create expensive alternatives to animal products that are of dubious quality and indecipherable composition. New vegans spend a lot of money on these products as they try to transition away from animal product and, naturally, they develop the idea that veganism is both expensive and tastes weirdly soyish.
Instead of going all the way and just giving up on eggs and bacon they buy vegan alternatives that will obviously not live up to the real thing.
Which is a shame because there are so many vegan foods out there that are actually wonderful and that could replace these animal products as a staple in any diet.
One of the best things about being vegan is the fact that it forces you to discover new food, and if you ever quit, as I did, some of them are definitely worth integrating into a more general omnivore diet:

The first isn’t a food. It’s almond milk. One thing that I never managed to return to after I became a lapsed vegan was milk. Dairy was fine so long as there was another stage to separate it from the cow – be it yogurt or cheese – but both the idea and taste of milk was no longer to my liking. At all. So I retained Almond milk as my main ‘milk’ for cereals, tea, and, sometimes, cooking. You can make it yourself if you are adventurous, but an increasing number of omnivores are making the switch as well – so it is very easy to find in stores. Because on top of having a generally better taste (subjective, I know), it is far healthier. And that is indisputable.

No ‘vegan’ foood has been more demonized by vegan alternative foods than Tofu. Unless you are at an asian restaurant, Tofu brings to mind Tofurkey and other fake-meat vegan alternatives. This is a tragedy as Tofu is something that should appeal to just about everyone. The real downside with Tofu is the time it takes to prepare it even if you buy it premade (the way it is made is pretty cool though!). Tofu has the wonderul property of tasting like whatever it is cooked in, so it can be added to many, many recipes as a way to add texture, volume, or even just as an interesting twist.

Tofu and Almond milk are relatively mainstreamed nowadays. The former by vegans, vegetarians and healthnuts, the latter by Asian cuisine. This one is a bit of a departure as it is rarely consumed by omnivores, or even many vegetarians. This protein-rich food is called Seitan (pronounced like as in the bringer of light). If the name doesn’t scare people off, the fact that it is basically 100% gluten does. If you are on a gluten-free diet, Seitan is your kryptonite. If your not, then it is an excellent, excellent source of protein and make wonderful fajitas. Seitan can also replace all kinds of meat in recipes calling for steak.

And now we are starting to get into the really strange products out there. This is tempeh, it consists of soybeans that have been carefully fermented and cultured into a block. Fermented soybeans glued together by fungus, does that sound appetizing or what? Even if you aren’t completely convinced it is still worth a try as it really doesn’t taste the way you’d expect fungus-soy to taste.

Have you ever wanted to drink sweetened tea that has been fermented with yeast and bacteria? Because that is exactly what kombucha is. The way it works is a fungus/bacteria/yeast colony is allowed to grow into a fleshy mass and is then placed into sweetened tea for a set period of time. After a certain amount of time, voila, kombcha. Having a hard time imagining this processes? Here is an appetizing video.
These are just some of the interesting foods that I discovered when I undertook my half decade vegan experiment. There are plenty of other more ‘normal’ foods that you might have tried once or twice but become staples as a vegan (or at least did for me), such as polenta, quinoa and yucca root.
I still maintain that nothing expanded my palate and made me try more food than limiting the kinds of food I allowed myself to eat.
I suppose it’s is something of a happy paradox.

Dreamy&Creamy Raw Classic VEGAN Cheesecake

Seriously guys! This is amazing! Loved creating this creamy creation that melts in your mouth with no guilt! Totally love and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did! Here’s the recipe,, it’s magical! Much love!

Cheesecake filling:
2 tubs of tofu cream cheese 

2 tsp of vanilla extract 

1/2 cup of sugar 

1 tbsp of lemon 

Use a mixer to blend ingredients together!!

 Raw crust :

1 1/2 cup of soaked cashews 

1/3 cup of pecans

2 dates 

2 tbsp of agave 

3 tbsp of brown sugar 

We used a food processor to mix the crust!!

Pack down mixture in a pie plate (we used a glass container) then pour cheesecake mixture on top and spread using a spoon or spatula!! Pop in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours! You can top with fresh blueberries or strawberries !!a stunning dish for any occasion ( or just randomly because you deserve it ). Enjoyyyyy. 

Lets Talk Fitness &Workouts..


Excited to share with you guys a short segment of our workouts! We dont intend on going a whole lot into fitness, but since we got requests we wanted to share! We also walk/run 10 min before we do the muscle building part of our workout! We focus mainly on lower body, abs, and some on arms!


Let us know your thoughts on this!! Hope you guys enjoy,, comment your feedback!!

Blog Launch

Hellooo beautiful people! We are so thrilled to be launching our lifestyle tips and recipes with you all… BLOG STYLE!!!

We are so inspired by the beautiful world we live in and feel touched to be able to spread kind words to so many. Our focus is on inspiring people to live a healthy, happy life. Welcome babe.


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