Hey guys! So this week has been crazy as in  my last week of nursing school! AKA: I have had so many projects, presentations, and finals but Its finally coming to a close(I will FINALLY be able to devote more time to sharing on rubylemongirls which I am so thrilled about)! YAY never thought i would make it to be honest, but here I am! The lord is so good…. I have lots to be thankful for!

Jessie and I are excited to talk about our favorite holiday outfit ideas! There are so many different routes to take when it comes to dressing up for the holidays. There is always the classic ” holiday dress,” but there are some other really fun ways to look classic and fun this holiday season!

How do you guys feel about jumpsuits? they have so many cute ones right now at urban outfitters! Totally holiday vibes and unique! Check out a few below!!

UO Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Hem Polka Dot Jumpsuit

UO Jackson Velvet Tube Jumpsuit

UO Emmabella Velvet Straight-Neck Jumpsuit

All super fun and cute! These are medium to upper on the cost side… but well worth the purchase and can be worn and dressed up multiple ways! You can pair with jean jackets, neck ties, and fun belts! Accessories can really make a difference in what look you’re going for!

We also super love holiday dresses, OF COURSE! you can really never go wrong! We have some really cute inexpensive options below! Check it out!! Sparkles are so in, and so is velvet! You can pair with a plush jacket, tights, or both!

50 $ from Sabo Skirt!

40 $ from sabo skirt! yall look at this color! stunning! pair with a plush jacket! and scarf! so cute!


Light Up the Night Lavender Sequin Shift Dress 1 From Lulus for 54$…. love the sparkles! so festive. A pair of black thigh high boots and sweater would be perfect together!


47 $ at Lulus! these sleeves though! super fun! you could do a fun tight with this! and maybe some sparkle booties?!


So jackets…. there are some really cute plush, faux fur items out right now that Jessie and I so so love!!! ah hoping to get a few for Christmas! Some can be rather expensive so we have tried to look at some cheaper ones, but that still uphold a high standard in look and comfort!

Marian Cream Faux Fur Jacket 2 for 69 $ at Lulus!

49.90 at Forever 21! Totally coming in clutch! so cute and inexpensive really for such a nice jacket!

44.90 from Forever 21!!

Also comes in Mauve color and for only 27.90! Jessie and I love love this color!! so versatile and will keep you so warm !

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, one of my personal favorites from Forever 21!!

for only 39.90! What A FRICKIN steal guys! I love this 70’s vibe.. and the sleeves are just too cute!!


Alrightyyy babes, that’s all I have for you today! I hope this gives you some inspo for your own holiday shopping! There are so many options out there really… so get your shop on…. or maybe put some of these items on your Christmas list since its right around the corner! Talk to you soon friends…





Hi Friends! Rachael Here!

I am so happy to be writing to you all because I am home with my family celebrating Thanksgiving!! It is one of my favorite times of the year because all of us girls get to cook together and talk and laugh. I have lots of fond memories:) Anywayss… wanted to share some life updates!! So I accepted my first big girl job as a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Houston! It really is such a dream come true. I mean cmon!… Who wouldn’t love to work with the cutest patients in the world all day long?!

So I have been super excited and finally a bit less stressed. I am still digesting the fact that nursing school is coming to a close! I feel like its been so long, but in a silly way super short too! I have truly never worked so hard in my life for something and to graduate with my BSN is SURREAL! Nursing is by far the greatest thing I have ever decided to pursue so HURRAY that I get to spend the rest of my life learning and growing in this profession! Also… did i mention i get to take care of BABIES :)??! So excited!!

I also finally get to be back in my home town with my family and boyfriend; such a dream come true. I have prayed so much about it, literally went to so many interviews, cried, laughed, and celebrated for basically the past 2 months over the mess that is “getting a job.” It has been an adventure to the say the least, but I am DONE. Job secured.. now for boards in January ( say some prayers for me hehe). But, I want to enjoy my little victories as much as I can and be excited about my graduation and what not! Focusing on the good things, in the present, is so important for me to keep my spiritual and emotional health in check:)

I got my senior photographs done in fort worth a couple of weeks ago and they turned out wonderful! Hannah Ruth Photography did an amazing job; I 10/10 recommend her, shes super sweet and really makes you feel beautiful! I am sharing the photos below! I was so happy with how they turned out! I will share outfit details below! Xo,

White dress: For love and lemons ( sooo the one we have isn’t on the website but i linked a similar one below!)

Rosebud Ruffle Mini Dress

Blouse: Forever21

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Velvet Boots: Urban Outfitters ( similar shoe linked below)

Fall Fashion Favorites

Hi guys, Rachael here! So this semester has been crazy busy for me!… My last semester of nursing school ahhh I CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S HERE!… So I have been job searching and studying, and scheduling and its all been such a crazy ride so far! I plan on sharing some of the details with you guys ASAP… just want things to move along a bit more before I write, so stay tuned! Today I wanted to share some of our favorite fall pieces with you all! So excited about this post!…

Favorite new sweater is from pacsun! it literally goes with anything and everything! link to one similar below:

Boyfriend jeans: Brandy Melville:

Skirt: Brandy Melville Juilette skirt:

Long sleeve white off the shoulder top forever 21:





Topic:stress relief 

Hi friends! Rachael happy & here & excited to share some time and love with you all! I wanted to reach out and say hello and talk with you guys about dealing with anxiety and stress! I know for me, with jobs, school, and the craziness of this last semester I tend to get bombarded by negative energy… So what do I do?! How do I keep in check.

SPOILER ALERT : I DON’T ALWAYS keep it in check :(… I have bad days and you know what? that’s OK. Its okay to have bad days. I just make sure to keep it to that day and not let it completely ruin my week … or spread into other areas of my life ( which can be a lot harder said than done, but its a work in progress).

Little pre note: I have always been a worrier/ anxiety has always been a nasty little monster in my life. Learning to live with these feelings regardless of if they happen to be anxiety or stress( it could depression or even phobias of certain things) I know life is too short to let those feelings own the way I live life. I want to be control of my day. I don’t want certain feelings dictating my daily routine or running my life.

Not everyone is the same, so the way I tackle stress may not work for you( I would love to hear some ways you all deal with overwhelming feelings of any kind; I love finding new methods and strategies) but I wanted to use this space to express this part of my life.

I have found that there is so much power in staying ahead of these feelings and acknowledging them right when you feel them coming on. I like to think of those feelings as balls of energy. So the less energy I supply to them the quicker they will fade, and die out. Soooo, when i start feeling nervous or anxious i acknowledge the feeling and then put my energy toward something positive likeeee, how pretty the day is or how blessed I am to have a loving family. It could be anything friends, like the bomb lipstick color you’re rocking that day, or wearing your favorite pair of shoes! It’s really easy to let the negative energy grow and fester if you let it… but good news is WE HAVE THE POWER. We can literally control these thoughts and get rid of them for good!

By no means is it easy so I like to do other things too to lift my spirits! I like to light candles at night, use essential oils like lavender, rose, or thyme. I like to go on walks after dinner and I love keeping my schedule organized ( i find this keep my mind from running wild when its time to sleep!)…. Have that extra cup of coffee, or go bake something for a friend… My point is, find things you like to do, or things that make you happy and do them more often for yourself, YOU deserve it.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you all with a little something my boyfriend has been reminding me as of lately “Rachael, if it’s not gonna stress you out in a year,” he says,” you shouldn’t let it stress you at all, life’s too short<3″… hate when he’s right.




Blue Jean Baby

Hi babes! Hope everyone is doing well and having a great labor day weekend! Its been a crazy couple of days with the hurricane hitting us here in Houston, TX. Luckily, our house was not flooded and we didn’t suffer any major damages. We are truly blessed. Although there is so much devastation and loss, it has been incredible to see the people of Texas come together to support each other during this crisis. I have been thinking of ways to give back and will keep you all posted…looking for some ideas if anyone has a certain charity or donation recommendation please share below. I really want to find a way to give back and help the community in any way possible. I am also looking into volunteer options and such as another way to offer assistance. I know a lot of people need help with cleaning their homes and what not, and maybe even babysitting kids while mom and dad run errands and clean. Also, we cold set up a donation page of a sort if you all would be interested in that. If anyone needs anything, please do not hesitate to reach out. We love our followers and think of you all like family, so if anyone is in need of something please direct message us on our Instagram page @Healthy.Living.Inspiration, or email us via the link in our bio. Even if it is just to chat to take your mind off of things, we are here for you.  I am really happy to see so many people in the community coming up with ways to give back, and help out families in need. Really proud to be a Texan, and I hope the rest of the country is learning the valuable lesson of love and compassion though the brave acts of my fellow Texans. No race, no religion, just love. This is who America is. #TexasStrong

On another note, I wanted to share a little outfit inspo with you all. We have gotten so many messages about our blue jean selections. I have to say for us, finding the perfect pair of blue jeans is NEVER easy. Our favorite fits usually come from, Brandy Melville, Abercrombie and Fitch (  I know that’s kind of odd, but their jeans fit our body type really well), urban outfitters occasionally, (but sometimes their stuff tends to be a little long for us), and the Loft ( have to shop petite here). To be honest, its all about finding a pair of jeans that fits your body type, and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. There are so many brands out there that we haven’t tried, so you never know what you may find. We will keep you guys posted on new brands that we try out and love!

In this outfit Jessie is wearing a pair of Brandy Melville boyfriend jeans, a white off the shoulder blouse from forever 21, and a pair of Gianni Bini heels ( got these on sale at Dillard’s for 27$..serioulsy such a deal). The earrings are vintage from a little hole in the wall boutique, but you can definitely find similar ones at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. We will also be sharing this makeup look with you guys soon so stay tuned…featuring some new Lancôme products that have become a part of our essential makeup bag items. Sending lots of love you all, and thank you for tuning in and supporting means the world.

Here are some links to some cute items that you can get to replicate this look! (Ps. none of this is sponsored, just stuff we have found that we like and want to share with you guys.)

1.Brandy Melville Jeans:

2. Forever 21 White Blouse( this is the exact one we bought):

3. Shoes from Macy’s( ONLY 24$ and so cute!):


Jessie and Rachael Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Blooms for you Friends.

Hi babes! So happy to be writing to you all again. This summer has been super busy! lots of things going on and my externship as a nurse extern really kept me busy! I wanted to share with you all some of the things I learned from my time at the hospital… it really was an amazing experience and I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and learn this summer from some amazing colleagues and patients…. anyways,, I hope that you all who choose to read this find some helpful advice, or possibly a new perspective on life, or heck… maybe just a nice little read on this Tuesday night:)


  1. LIFE is precious. So many people take health for granted… just being able to walk down the street, or speak, or breath with out help. I spent everyday with people pretty sick, sad even. For example, walking down the hall 50 ft and back to their room was like GOLDEN. literally, we would celebrate as staff( so fun) SO whats the point??—>YOU MATTER, and you are here for a reason, appreciate the body you have, the good health you are blessed with, and the love and support that surround you. 
  2. Family and Friends are treasures. I think one of the saddest parts of being at the hospital was taking care of patients that didn’t have family or friends the entire time they were there.  We all see family and friends as normal parts of our lives… but I am here to remind you they are TREASURES.
  3. Kindness and hard work don’t go unnoticed. Not going to lie to you all, nursing is freaking hard work. I got there at 6:15 every morning and didnt leave until after 7 pm. I cleaned and walked patients, charted, learned, did skills(IVs, foleys, ect) the list is endless really and it is exhausting. Then there is the emotional part working with patients…  supporting, and encouraging, and acknowledging each and every person you take care of including family and friends of the patient. I remember one day, specifically I was so busy, run ragged actually… and a nurse co worker came up and told me a family had told her how much they appreciated all I did for them… WOW. I didn’t even think this particular family even took notice in me. Moral of the story, always work hard: go the extra mile, and always be kind because it makes a difference.
  4. Life isn’t always fair, so BE THANKFUL for the one you have. The reality is life is messy, unfair, unjust, downright cruel to some… honestly life sucks sometimes.  I was truly humbled by what I saw, the people I met, the stories, the work I did. I love that nursing is a service. I love being there by people through a tough time in their journey… to help support them and see them to a better state of health, and mind. It just makes you so very thankful for all you have. Your education, your mental well being, your being in this world. I found myself waking up felling so deeply grateful for, seriously, just waking up and having a warm breakfast to eat:)) and it changed my attitude about living… about myself…. Be thankful friends. It will change your life.
  5. Attitude matters. Yes healthcare is serious. Being a nurse is serious. Life can be serious. But don’t forget to bring happiness along with you through whatever  door you’re entering.. whether that be the door into a new job, a classroom,  or a patient’s room. BE happy. CHOOSE happiness friends. I promise it will make your day more lovely, and even more importantly make the world a tad lovelier too….

PS: this is the only picture I had of me in my scrubs haha… and it was my first day!

Well those 5 things are not nearly all I learned, but some of the important things I did take away from my summer of growing. I really encourage all you nursing majors out there to try and get an externship or tech job of some sort. Not only does it help get you used to how units operate and transition into being an RN, but it teaches you the importance of teamwork. Everyone on the floor matters… the kitchen staff, the housekeeping, the techs, the transporters. Understand their part, understand the need for every level of employee to the success of the day.

And for all of you reading this that aren’t in the healthcare profession, I hope you can take these little blooms( <– what i call my revelations//lessons//pieces of knowledge i pick up along the way of living hehe) and store them away and let them flourish and make your life beautiful.





Hi friends! Jessie here. Just wanted to say hello and give you all a little life update after a busy couple of months! All in the past 4 months I have accepted my first big girl job offer, graduated college, and moved back to Houston to begin the next chapter of my life. I officially start my first day at international design firm, PGAL, on June 12th of 2017, and I am so excited, nervous, a bit scared, but so ready to begin this next chapter. It seems like it was just yesterday I was packing my bags, and moving to Fort Worth, Texas to begin my college journey at TCU. Graduating in May was so surreal and bittersweet, and it was everything I thought it was going to be and more. My family made the day so special, and my best friend Erin even made it up to Fort Worth to celebrate with me! Also, my boyfriend was able to attend which was so nice, because he was super busy finishing up his semester at OU. He is the coolest. The entire weekend was so fun, I got to present my Senior Thesis Project at our Interior Design Senior Exhibition which was so rewarding. We went to Blue Sushi that evening for dinner and drinks, which was so fun. The next day everyone attended the Graduation ceremony and I received my degree of a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Cum Laude. It was a crazy four years, but I am so grateful for all the memories and friends I have made along the way. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. The weekend was one for the books, and I feel so blessed I was able to attend such an esteemed University thanks to the support from my amazing and truly selfless parents. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I hope to make them proud as I begin my journey as an interior designer in the cooperate world.  

Right now, I plan to gain experience in my field of work and taking in as much knowledge as I can while working for such a large firm. I will be working on a range of different types and sizes of projects, which will be great for developing myself as a designer. In the next couple years, I hope to take my exams and become a registered Interior Designer, as well as, receive my Certified Revit Professional certificate. I have several little milestones and goals I have set for myself, and I intend on doing both of those things in the near future. Eventually down the road, who knows, I have lots of big ideas and dreams…I can’t wait to see where life takes me.

Anyways, moving out of my apartment was sad, but I am happy to be back in Houston with my family and in a familiar environment. I will be living at home for the first 6 or so months, while Rach is finishing up nursing school in Fort Worth. We will begin to apartment hunt in the next couple of months, which we are so excited about! Hoping Rach ends up working in the Medical Center in downtown Houston, because we would be working about 20 minutes from each other! So, finding an apartment in the middle of our work places would be totally doable. I am going to miss her like crazy when we are apart, but am looking forward to all the new memories we will get to make next year in Houston (Crossing my fingers the Dallas hospitals don’t steal her away from me haha). But anyways, that is sort of the short term plan we have going for ourselves! I will live at home while Rach is still in Fort Worth, then once she is done we will move in the first of the year to our own apartment in the uptown Houston area. This way I can save some money up and get us all organized for our adventures in 2018!  

The reality is, having to be a college student in search of a job and constantly worrying about grades and studying, put a serious time constraint on how much energy I could put in the blog. I know there were lots of times where it seemed like we kind of disappeared for a little bit, and that was because school work and job hunting was a serious priority that we had to put first. We really do appreciate all of those who stuck with us, and supported us even when things on the blog got a bit slow. However, Post-Grad life means that I will be able to dedicate much more of my time and energy to the blog and developing more content for you all. I am so excited to begin taking the blog to the next level, and like we have said before we have so many plans, ideas, and dreams for our blog and really hope to make it a full-time job one day. We truly do believe in our blog and want to reach out and help as many people as possible. Rach will still be adding content while she finishes up school, but also will be able to dedicate more time when she graduates which she is super excited about.