Who are We?

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The Brand/ The Ruby Lemon Girls

Hi friends, followers, and anyone who has found their way to therubylemongirls! Welcome, our names are Rachael and Jessie, and we are the co-editors/ creators of therubylemongirls. You may also know or know of the Healthy.Living.Inspiration Instagram page, which is the sister account to therubylemongirls blog. My sister and I began our Instagram account, Healthy.Living.Inspiration about two years ago, and from there we have worked hard to establish our very own blog( of which you are on right now), which connects directly to our Pinterest account, Facebook page (head over and give us a follow or a like), and Instagram account.

As a creative outlet where we could share and communicate with friends, family, and like-minded others we created our Instagram account, Healthy.Living.Inspiration and from there we established our blog, therubylemongirls. Here we began to develop our style and brand as health enthusiasts dedicated to inspiring others to live to the fullest.

We love and believe in therubylemongirls brand, and have so many dreams and plans for growing our brand/ blog! We hope you all enjoy our content, and continue to tune in and follow us on all our adventures. We are excited about the future of therubylemongirls, and hope you will choose to continue to grow with us as we expand.

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” – Roman Payne

Welcome to our world. We are so excited to share our health and lifestyle advice with you.


The Ruby Lemon Girls