Honeymoonin MALDIVES 🇲🇻



how the flights look ->



Finally To the island via sea plane!

Sea plane** to RANGALI ISLAND( these the hotel will arrange and are around 500$ per passenger) you will have to provide your flight information to the hotel so they can arrange these to pick you up accordingly. (Transairways) Conrad has a lounge so once you get to male they escort you completely from there!! From airport to sea plane to the island!

We went with Qatar airways for flights . They actually were super comfortable to fly with and the service was wonderful. The flights were definitely long. Our first one was 16 hrs. The second one around 4 hrs and the sea plane ended up being around 45 min !

First cocktail in IAH :”).

THE LAYOVER HERE BLEHHH. both ways was around 7 hours!!! Would 10/10 suggest booking the airport hotel or Qatar airway lounge to sleep // shower etc. we didn’t and next time will definitely be arranging that. ! The Qatar lounge was about 130$ per person.

Longest travel time of our lives…. this moment.
Welcome coconuts 🥥

Things to keep in mind travel requirements wise. :

You will need a PCR TEST within 96 hours of when you’re leaving. You’ll also have to file a HDF Within 24 hours of travel to the Maldives. You’ll find this on the immigration website for the Maldives.

Lastly you’ll need your passports( make sure they don’t expire soon hehe). I also brought my Health insurance card, ID, and credit card. Alec and I also brought cash. We really had no problem using American dollars.

WHERE WE STAYED// Over-water Grand water villa

So so beautiful and perfect for honeymoon! Super romantic being over the water and watch the sunrise and sunset! The jacuzzi was amazing and being able to access the ocean so easily was amazing. I loved enjoying a cup of expresso and watching the sunrise and every morning. The best. Truly was a one of a kind experience.

Matching robes always.
Coffee every morning on the dock of our villa. The best place to watch the sunrise

Black One piece from forever21

CONRAD MALDIVES: A glance at Our itinerary

Goodness there is so much to do on the island. Lots of opportunity to snorkel and do water sports(jet ski, paddle board etc..)You can also do cruises with a captain. Alec and I did the dolphin sunset cruise. Even though we didn’t see dolphins, the sunset was stunning. So worth the kind of … ummm Rocky trip out to sea :”)…. I was definitely feeling a little sick on the way out ! The waves were pretty aggressive ;wasn’t expecting that. But once we made it further out it wasn’t too bad! They gave us fresh fruit and juice … were super sweet to take a ton of pictures of us. We also got the whole cruise to ourselves because the family that booked with us cancelled last minute! Seriously romantic vibes !

Massages. Guys. This spa is incredible. Really mostly all outdoor. The therapist are super skilled and their attention to detail was amazing. Alec and I both had 11/10 experience. The hotel gave us a 100$ spa credit which was really amazing as well.

Every night we booked dinner reservations at the restaurants around the hotel. UFFA was our favorite. Authentic Chinese food. Super fresh and full of flavor. Comforting and filling. Just so so good.

Beach dinners always
Sunset grill

Mandhoo was our included honeymoon dinner for two and what a dining experience. Definitely the most upscale / “fine dining” experience we had at the resort. The food is super organic, healthy, and fresh. It’s a set menu so we got appetizer, main, and dessert!

We had al carte breakfast included every morning which was GREAT. We always ate a ton in the mornings since we were so active during the day! We ate every single morning on the beach looking out to the clear blue water and sunrise. Mornings were always perfect.

Last day chocolate sundae

They have other restaurants and experiences such as Vilu restaurant, Koko grill, and the wine cellar. (These we didn’t quite get to trying …. )

Two amazing experiences we did do included champagne in Ithaa … y’all this was unreal. An underwater restaurant surrounded by coral,fish, and sharks. Alec and I were blown away. We didn’t schedule dinner here… the menu just wasn’t food we were super interested in, so instead we we booked their champagne viewing hour! It was amazing.

From below…

We also got lucky enough to tour the MURAKA. This amazing villa is around 10 grand a night. Soooo not quite in the budget for us;) but it was so fun to be able to look around. It was designed and built in different parts of the world and imported to Rangali island for instillation. Modern, clean, simplistic… but totally posh and chic. What a dream. It’s staffed with a butler, personal chef, and pretty much everything else you could want. 3 bedrooms, one underwater which was crazy. A lounge pool in the back and a gym. Anyone wanna split it for a night 😉 ??

This honeymoon was surreal. I’m sitting on the plan writing this so I can try and capture just a glimpse of how perfect it was to share and have to look back on. Alec and I made so many memories together. I feel really lucky to have a husband who worked so hard to be able to plan a trip of this magnitude … it wasn’t easy. Our first big trip out of the country and to the Maldives we went.

On the way via golf cart to our villa. The most beautiful ride.
A spot we loved to shell search at.
Alec in the water off our villa …. cutieeeee
Another beautiful beach area we loved to swim at!
The front beach. Dreamy.

Definitely not without some hiccups along the way ( lost PCR TESTS being the real kicker …. and having to last minute rearrange flights and our stay, and find a place that would run our tests within 24 hours …. but hey we figured it out … marriage am I right ;)?)

Alec and I met some pretty amazing people. The staff at the Conrad really became our family. We learned so much about Maldivian lifestyle. Meeting different staff from all around the globe and chatting about their traditions, government, and way of life opened our eyes to how special and unique every culture is. It certainly made us appreciate our own home as well. I think we can both say without a doubt this honeymoon will forever live in our hearts as much more than that. It will be the trip that opened our eyes to the world, and gave us fresh perspective, new dreams, and goals for our future together moving forward.

Uffa dinner date
View from the Rangali bar.
Surprise from our housekeeper Nasir …. not planned or paid for.. just random. He was the sweetest .
He also left us these…… honestly the staff became family. They were the kindest souls.
Our amazing Vaca fam. The sweetest people ever. We love them!!!!


Pink and orange swim : INAMORATA

Blue floral swim :khassani swim

White swim 1 : pac sun (similar linked)

Wore at my bachelorette toooo. One of my favs but can’t find it anywhere …. :(( I linked similar.

White swim 2 : Isaboulder ( thanks Jessie 😉

Tie dye swim: VDM the LABEL

Bone white block heel : Steve Madden

Brown zebra dress: forever21

White silk cut out dress: jagger and stone

White cover up shorts : forever21

Anklets: urban outfitters

Floral necklace: urban outfitters

White silk skirt is Vchapman & brown lace corset top is urban outfitters

Island night vibes
Hubs. Sighhhhh
Just my favorite things. Shout out Jess for my tote :”) I took it out everyday.
Lobby vibes. All sand. Amazing. We never wore shoes. … the best.
His “husband ring” … hehe

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