MARRIAGE vs WEDDING :8 things to help you&your partner refocus

Hi hi! Rachael here babes and we are 4 days away from Alec and I tying the knot !!! It’s been a crazy ride and I wanted to write something as I’m working out this morning ( my only real free time for my brain to decompress from the wedding craziness hehe) on things Alec and I have been trying to do to really help us focus on the real magic of this coming weekend: him and I.

I hope you enjoy. It’s so helpful for me tooo. So here it goes.

1. Take a step back … with your fiancé . Having been constantly bombarded with wedding choices, decisions, and conversations, take a moment in the day (each day leading up to your wedding) to sit with your partner and just chat about NON WEDDING related topics. Aka: YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Reminisce on shared moments, fun date nights, ups and downs. Take a step back.

2. Go on an intentional date night 1-2 times a week . Leave your phones at home or put them on silent and just be 100% engaged in the conversation and the moment. Disconnect to reconnect.

My boooo
Happy gal ….. our marriage license.
Rooftop date night :”)
Kissing in the courthouse

3. Try grounding. I read and listened to a few different relationship experts and they suggest the “grounding” exercise. You and your partner sit in a hug or gaze for a minute or two( can start even with just 15 or 30’seconds and build up to even >2 min). The embrace and or deep eye connection helps to level out emotions and re align energies. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

4. Make plans for post wedding! Have those conversations about what comes next. It’s so refreshing to focus on building and creating and adventuring with your person.

5. Read together at night. Whether it’s focused on your relationship, or just something super fun like a mystery novel. Again, disconnecting to reconnect.

6. Prioritize you time. Let each other soak in this engaged time for all it is. Sometimes, you just need time to digest this huge life changing event in your own personal way.

7. “Remind each other.” Be consistent and help one another remember the “reason for the season”…. yes this time has been full of planning and decisions, but at the end of the day … it really is about you and your partner finally committing to a forever together.

8. IF you can try and limit the amount of things you’re trying to finalize the week before your wedding. It’s hard to “refocus” when you’re trying to figure out last minute details. ** sos. Me. **

I feel incredibly lucky, excited, A tad nervieee, and full of peace all at the same time. Gosh, I’ve been imagining this day for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally here. I have been planning my heart out truly hoping to make june 12 2021 a day Alec and I will never forget. This journey has been one of ups and downs. I’ve been stressed like crazy but also showered in love, support, and so much more. My family has stepped up in more than a million ways to make my dream wedding a reality. More importantly they have supported Alec and I since 2011… nurturing us and cheering us on.

Here’s OUR BIG DAY. The one where we become Hubs&Wifey.

A very blessed and giddy bride to be,


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