BB series: *silent freak out* A look at 3 weeks out!!

This is for my bride-yyy gals. Lost and feeling overwhelmed as “The Day” rounds the corner. I’ve been just a tad stressed trying to cover all my bases and just make sure our wedding day is fun and beautiful. Not only is this post for you, but it’s also for me! ( trust me, having these things written on does wonders!) So don’t give up, We got this ladies and gents. Let’s get into it ! * I’ve included random Inspo, and other pictures of recent things I’ve been working on in regards to wedding planning !

Hi amazing babes!! I wanted to give you guys a quick update on wedding things because … we are literally a little over 2 weeks away! HOW. it’s so crazy how all the sudden it’s snuck on me! Any other past brides feel this way??

Some rehearsal dinner SNEAKS. Photos via Pinterest and shopping websites

Alec and I were laughing the other day talking about how we’ve felt like our engagement has literally been for a century…. yet here we are. 2 weeks out and freaking the heck out!!! The biggest things are all worked out but the small details here and there need to be rounded out!

Planning this thing mostly on my own has been challenging in a lot of ways, but also rewarding. I really did so much research, coordinating, and decision making. I must say, having my day of coordinator will be everything. YOU must invest in one; you can’t be the coordinator on your day(as much as you’d probably like to be.. aka me ). I have hired Amina with weddingdaygirl. She’s been really helpful and a great resource. The day of she will be making sure everything flows and things are moved according to plan: repurposing florals, ushering people, and overall just making sure the day flows. We had a meeting a few weeks ago as well going over timeline which was amazing. I would suggest having something written up… mine is down to the minute because I’m …. crazy!! Speaking of. Let’s talk about things I’ve been working on these past couple weeks.

TIMELINE — perfecting it. Looking over the schedule my photographer and I came up with and making sure it flows with what Amina and I came up with.

Some nail inspo I’ve been loving for wedding day! Photos via Pinterest

PAPER — place cards. Signage. Menus. Etc.

Miscellaneous items— guestbook, pens, toss petals& toss petal bags, photos for welcome table, garter, bowl for cards, toss bouquet, vows, letters to special ones.

Pretty inspo for rehearsal dinner // loved the color palate and typography. Photos via Pinterest.

CHOICES— music music music. cake design, hair and makeup!

Hair and makeup inspiration. Dying for the natural glam! All photos via Pinterest

MEETINGS— finishing meetings with floral, lightning, band & photo! (Still to schedule a few of these …. eppp)

Safe to say there are a lot of small things to get together at the end. And not to mention making sure the rehearsal dinner & honeymoon details are all set to go. Planning on a whole blog post about our honeymoon planning and packing!

Planning design for dinner and ceremony; loved having this diagram to send to vendors.
Final alterations. Wedding gown, second dress!!!
Some gown inspo photos via Pinterest

I’ll probably come back and add to this post as I move through these last couple of weeks as a planner … lord knows I probably have forgotten things! A quick update, but hopefully a helpful one to my brides as you approach the final stretch! The little details can come about suddenly and it gets stressful. Hopefully this post can help you plan and be very prepared!

Xo,, a soon to be bride …


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