My Bachelorette Club

Let me start with I LOVE MY GIRLS!!! Never have I felt so loved and celebrated. My Maid of Honor and twin sis, threw me the most amazing bachelorette in West Palm Beach, Florida! My bridal party plus one of my childhood besties were all in attendance and it was a weekend to remember. We had a lingerie shower, cocktail making contest, planned dinner and drinks, catered food, and a beach day. I will include the itinerary my twin sister made as well as the invitation! She made everything from scratch. She, along with my mom also put together all the welcome/thank you baskets. She designed the t-shirts, towels, and facemasks herself( SHES BRILLANT); having them printed at a local print shop here in the Houston, TX area. LINKING BELOW! Included in each welcome basket: towel, facemask, t-shirt, sunglasses, personalized tumblr cups(thank you to our second and fabulous house mama— Marla!!), antibacterial hand wipes, Pinch Provisions-mini emergency kit, and Sip Sip Horray Hangover kit. The basket itself was embroidered with each girls name on it. Jess found them on Etsy; so I will link their small business below as well!

Just a peak at the itinerary that Jessie put together to send out to the girls! I included the full download at the end of this post! Check it out!

Print Shop: INSTAGRAM: blackswanstudio

Embroidered Baskets

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Sip Sip Hooray Hangover Kit

Mini-Emergency Kit:

Customized tumblers

Our Airbnb was STUNNING LINKING BELOW. When you’re planning a bachelorette, you want somewhere that is super aesthetically pleasing to take lots of pictures at! This place was everything … and then some. It had stunning outdoor lightning, gorgeous landscape, and the architecture was super vibey. Jess spent time researching the area, and found this spot that slept 16 people, was close to a local beach, and the airport. It was the perfect spot. We were also able to venture to the near by shopping, dinner, and bar spots! ( I would highly recommend renting a car so that it’s easier to get to places quickly if needed; for example, making small store or liquor runs!) Uber is a great resource though for Airport trips or night time bar hopping!


Have ACTIVITIES planned out.. but don’t over do it. Jess and my mom planned our beach day! They looked into where to go to rent beach chairs and what time someone needed to get there to ensure we got the amount we needed! Our first night was so much fun, we had an amazing catered meal, and all the girls made a cocktail. I went through and tried a little of each one, and ranked them! So cute and fun, and we all ended up enjoying them throughout the night. Since this was the day everyone travelled we wanted the night to be relatively relaxed ! After cocktail making contest and catching up, the lingerie shower began! Okay guys, this was the best !!! Each girl so sweetly purchased me lingerie, named it, and then I went through and tried to guess who bought me what. We had the best time. I was feeling bold, so I ended up trying on each piece for the girls; honestly, was super nervous at first, but ended up having so much fun. I felt so beautiful and celebrated the entire time. My little sis Christina played “girl power” music the whole time and It made for a night Ill never forget! BIG HUGS to all my ladies for really making me feel special! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Lingerie shower scene

The next day we spent most of the morning at the beach. We brought lunch that we had catered in( LINKING THE CATERING COMPANIES BELOW) and just vegged out all day. My future sis-in-law Kyndall had these hilarious tattoos of Alec’s face made, so we put those on. TOO good. My mom and sisters had a big cardboard “ALEC” face made…. yall this thing we took everywhere and it was so FIRE. Its the little props that make a bachelorette weekend so much fun.

We took a ton of pictures at the beach and then headed in later in the afternoon to get glammed for our dinner out! We had dinner and drinks out that night. We went dancing at a local bar that had live music! After lots of dancing, we ended the night on a calmer note, getting one last cocktail at our favorite restaurant, PLANTA. (amazing food , great service, awesome cocktails!) 10/10 recommend if you’re in the Palm Beach Area( linked below!)

On Outfits: HIGHTLY RECOMMEND having light coordination planned. We had all the girls come in all black lounge wear. We were able to get some super cute arrival photos. We then had all the girls bring a black swimmy of their choice for the beach day, then a tropical brown dress with white heels for our “going out” night(gold jewels too!). Honestly, it was really fun to see everyone color coordinated and made for a super cute and fun vibe all weekend.

Bestie girl Erin


My White going out dress was by superdown the brand:

gold/pearl heels were jeffreycampbell. (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT)

My white loungewear shorts were from forever21 and top was from Brandymelville

Sparkle sandals from target

White swimmy was from pacsun: (SOLD OUT!!) // I cant even find it on the website anymore! So sad.

flowy beach blouse and mesh shorts from Pretty Little Thing!

The “B” gold necklace is from Anthropologie! and my large gold earrings were from Forever21





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  1. In the midst of planning a Bach trip right now and loved the itinerary Jess made. What online program did she use to design yours?


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