LIFE 2021: food,wedding,life.

Hello friends! Rachael here & excited to share what the heck I’ve been up to and fill y’all in on all the latest.

little outline on what I’m going to cover ; so feel free to skip to what you’re wondering about !

1: leeee cook book update

2: wedding

3: work&life

4: refections on 2021

Let’s start with FOOD. So I’ve been cooking up a storm ; working on perfecting some recipes, taking some photos, Sharing here and there on Instagram! I’m super excited about this project. I am in love with cooking; experimenting with making things both healthy and Yummy! I know a lot of you guys want recipes… and I promise it’s coming soon! I have shared a few, so check my highlights on Instagram! @rachaelgooch

I’d love y’all’s feedback on recipes you’d like to have! Or things you’d be interested in me including! I’m happy to say I’ll have more smoothie recipes, and lots of Asian inspired dishes! (My favorite!!) This project is one of great love and I’m really excited to see it come together. It’s hard with planning a wedding simultaneously, but it’s so close to my heart and I hope it brings lots of joy to you guys!! I’m including some narratives here and there so you’ll also get to know me through the book too! It’s a labor of love. A personal goal. I’m so giddy about it. (Even though I still have lots of work to do!)

Protein Berry banana smoothie
Banana oat pancakes
Healthy Sesame glazed “orange chicken”
spinach & grilled chicken& parm pizza

Now for the big girl: THE WEDDING. y’all it’s so close now. We’re in single digits ahhh!! So I got my dress and my alteration date set. It’s super stunning (I think hahah… according to my mom, but she has to say that right ;)?)

Alec is incredible and actually bought me my DREAM wedding shoes for my birthday!

My bridal shower is coming up this week! Ahhhh. My mom and maid of honor have been planning up a storm and I cannot wait to share all the gorgeous details. It’s a brunch with all my closest gals! And just to let y’all know how amazing Jessie is .. she set up nails and tan appointment for me … she’s just amazing and I feel so loved ALREADY.

On a serious note, keeping my head on down and being as frugal as I can! I have some big expenses I’ve been planning for early this year, so buckling down and staying focused. (Wedding expenses are for sure no joke!) it’s going to be worth it though. Made a promise to myself that I would be smart with expenses but won’t be hard on myself about it. It’s my ONCE in a LIFETIME , big day.

Alec and I had the best time curating our wedding playlist. If y’all didn’t know, Alec is a big music guy. He has the best taste. I always tell him he should be a Dj on the side 😉 he really knows how to work a party !!

Hair and makeup. Gosh. Been asking around for input on this. I’m so lost. I guess you could say I’m super particular but don’t know exactly what I want. I’m the most indecisive person. Ever. So stay tuned.

Hair Inspo I’m loving !!!

All the little details are starting to come to mind, signage, jewelry, bridesmaid gifts day of, honeymoon things… the list really does go on. Trying to stay organized by making lists and writing things down. That helps my brain not go into overload. (Trust me I’ve been having sleepless night lately over wedding details).

WHITE DRESS LOVE // For wedding festivities… I’m also on the search for outfits constantly!! I recently made a white dress guide! check my Instagram for the link! It’s under the “guide” tab! #whitedress #weddingvibes #wedding #whitedress

Lil white dress/ bridal shower inspo

I’m planning on writing a post outlining the process of making my invites! For now I have a short reel on Instagram if you’re interested in that! (Stay tuned in thought because I plan on going in debt on it on here!)


Just going to touch slightly on work! It’s been a great start to the year as a NICU nurse. I continue to grow and work on my skills. I’ve learned patience, teamwork, and communication are all essential to running an effective unit. I’m proud of myself for working on being an advocate for my babies and trusting my instincts. It’s not always easy to stand up to doctors (some make it easier than others!…) but I know it’s my job to be the voice for my babes.

THE ICE STORM 2021. y’all this was my first time staying over night at the hospital. It was … interesting to say the least!! It was touch not being able to take a mental break from the job, but I think we all made it through stronger. Thankfully I only stayed 2 nights…. I know during Harvey (hurricane) nurses stayed for 4-5 nights. So crazy. It was an experience; my coworkers are incredible though and I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Exciting; I got 2 daisy nominations. I always thought it was so cool to see nurses with the little daisy pins on their badges. To me the daisy award is super meaningful because I pride myself on not just taking care of my babies, but making a difference in the parent’s lives too. Being in the NICU is no easy journey, and I really do try my best to be a comfort to the parents. I’m not huge on awards but this one really touched me. I guess sometimes it’s nice to know you really are making an impact.

I got 2 daisy awards this shift. I felt really good. And happy. This was a good shift.

Life has been so so good this year so far. I feel super grateful for my health and ultimately my happiness. It’s for sure something I have to work on everyday. I would say I actively have to focus on cultivating a healthy and positive mental space for myself. Alec helps me so much. He really supports me on my bad days and helps me to refocus when I kind of get off track! 2021 is speaking to me though. I’m feeling really positive and excited about this year and hope for all the best. Summer is seemingly right around the corner; the sunshine does so much good for my soul. I don’t know about you, but the weather effects me in some type of way. Summer is my season. I thrive off the light, the warmth , the smells, the whole vibe. (Basically why I couldn’t be a night nurse anymore haha… I missed my sun ). 2020 was tough for everyone. It just seemed like one hardship after the next with no relief. I think a fresh start is what we all need. Finally feeling some peace. And I hope you guys are too. Here’s to a warm, happy, and hopefully future. I’m stoked for 2021. Really.

After being separated during the ice storm!!! Missed him.

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