Hello friends! With 2020 coming to an end I have found myself looking back at the year as whole for all it was.{good, bad, and everything in between}

I think we can all agree that this one was particularly more difficult than others; But also more enlightening. This post is really meant to reflect on what a crazy year it’s been… and how strong we all have been.

My 2020 :

Engaged to the love of my life on February 15!( quite possibly the best thing of the whole year to date….pretty hard to beat that!)

Highlight of 2020 for sure …..

An amazing new chapter as a dayshift nurse! For sure life changing in so many ways. Mentally and physically, I’ve been thriving! I feel much more confident in my assessment skills, my knowledge in NICU related topics, and my pose as a bedside nurse! I’ve learned to be a stronger advocate for my babies. If I feel “uneasy” about something to honor it and speak up. Most importantly embrace my mistakes as learning opportunities.

I’ve also made it a priority to take initiative and try skills that I’m not as confident in. (One of my goals going into 2021!)

My sweet primary …… fell in love.

Summer hit and so did COVID-19. As awful, concerning, and scary it was… I took it day by day & I think the world did too. I like to think that everything happens for a reason… and what a way to remind us how precious life is and how time may be the most valuable thing we have.

Quarantine in austin
COOKED … a ton. (Which I talk about below;))
Found my dress in July ; best day with my sisters and mom!

To keep this relatively short, when we emerge from this, which we will, I think we will find a changed world, one that values the little things. One that values the(for lack of a better word) “invisible” people who truly are the backbone of our society. Delicate moments spent with our elders, and loved ones; finally small victories that we once overlooked as unimportant or insignificant.

During quarantine … Alec and I would social distance but would def take a walk outside here and there for mental clarity. *masks worn*

COVID is and forever will be , a moment in history; a memory, an obstacle fought with great courage. The way we choose to reflect on it will be of our own choosing.

Cut my own bangs…. didn’t turn out too bad… been keeping up with them…
Quality time with my baby sis Hannah! She turned 21 this year … so special and she’s getting so grown up!
My best friends became my bridal party (not pictured syd, Kyn, Bridget, and Erin (all my besties)
Birthday dinner for baby! The big 24! Vic and Anthony’s downtown

I choose to look at it through eyes of great hope, and I hope you do too.

As the fight against the virus ensued I found myself cooking… a lot. I found it therapeutic and comforting. I made lots of fun meals for Alec ** who is now spoiled** , nonetheless, I enjoyed every moment. I still cook, and come up with recipes.Major goal for 2021 // 2022 is to publish a small book of recipes; a few old ones from my family’s stash, a few indulgent ones, and of course, lots of healthy meal ideas. Sooo, this is me writing it down. Here’s to following through!

Fitness. I’ve been pretty consistent this year. Lots of cardio! Alec got me some super cute workout gear and equipment for Christmas so I’m going to amp up my game this coming year! More workouts coming to the gram!!

Beginning of quarantine …. miss the tan hehe
Cutest shoes ever from my new in laws to be !!!

In December my twin sissy got engaged. What an beautiful moment!! To share in engaged season is going to be so fun! I planned a lot of the party details with my mom which was so cool. I love making the details special.

My heart. So excited for them…..
Surprise back at j+s Apt ….

Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to begin a new chapter. Manifesting all the positive energy with hopeful spirits starting today, January 1, 2021. To you, from me, let’s make this one the best yet.


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