On Fitness/health Goals

Hi loves! Welcome back to Rubylemongirls! Rachael here!

Today I wanted to write a little update on my fitness routine and some of the goals I have leading up to my wedding next year! I also have been adjusting to DAYSHIFT LIFE as a NICU NURSE( which has drastically changed the game for me in regards to fitness!)

…So lets just get this convo rolling …:”)

As far as working out, I would say I really started to get into it about 1 year ago!

PSA: I am by no means what social media would classify as a “workout girl” or “fitness junkie” … I really am “beginner status,” so bare with me here! I would say I’m still very much in the beginning stages of my fitness journey and am looking for new exercises, programs, and nutrition plans!!

I started mostly doing some cardio here and there when I could (…. as a Night shift nurse, working out was super tough and I always felt inconsistent…another reason why I moved to dayshift). When I was starting out I would do a lot of just walking or <some>running on the treadmill. I felt like after a couple months, I wasn’t seeing really any type of change in how I looked. It was also hard to be consistent adjusting to day shift from night shift ….

my endurance increased a whole lot… but other than that, no changes.

Post workout :))))

So fast forward to this year when I started dayshift! So first of all, this change helped me so much in regards to energy levels, and mental clarity! I felt like I was able to finally establish a real routine when working out and that consistency made a world of difference!

( I know some of my fellow nursing people work nights still and function just great, and some are still trying to get to days… this is just my personal experience with work /fitness balance).

I started implementing the ” 12,3,30″ Cardio routine! — I discovered this workout routine via Lauren G (an Instagram/youtuber). Its so simple and you can make modifications based on your fitness goals! She’s such a fun, positive, inspiring influencer and I love her outlook on fitness and life in general.. if you don’t follow her, GET ON IT.

So, youre probably wondering okayyy so what is 12,3,30?

EASY: 12 Incline, 3 Speed, for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Sounds easy right?... That’s what I thought until I was 10 minutes in, sweating profusely ,heavy breathing, just watching the clock wondering how it had only been 10 minutes since I started!!!! Yall this workout truly changed the game for me. I felt like my legs and butt really started to tone up, my endurance got a million times better with each workout and I finally felt like I was “toning” up. Since I started 12,3,30 I have made a couple of my own changes to the workout…..

I focus more on staying on the treadmill for a longer period of time, as well as incorporating some running along with the incline walk. I found that this just worked better for my body type, and the results I wanted to see( toned, lean muscle). Now a days, I usually do 6.5-7 Incline, 3.8-4.2 speed, for around 50 minutes!

I know this sounds a little nuts …. like 50 minutes on the treadmill, uphill, at that speed?! But it goes by pretty fast especially if you turn on a show or watch a movie. I also use this time to work on my wedding planning things or look at inspo on pinterest! THIS WAS NOT EASY TO GET TO. I worked hard to build up my endurance to where I felt like I could push myself to this level. I did’nt just skip from 12,3,30 to my current workout. I made small changes to help my body adjust. For Example:// I would go for longer(35 min), maybe turn the speed to (3.4-3.6) and lower the incline to (8-10).

In addition I love to do just a quickie 10 min run at the end! I feel like it rounds out my workout and to be honest “running it out” helps the soreness in my legs after walking uphill for so long.

Usual workout buddy ; my fiancé

Stretching is a HUGE deal. I always stretch for a least 15 minutes and practice deep breathing! You need to keep your muscles flexible. This helps recovery and keeps your muscles long and lean looking.

If you don’t already follow Sami Clarke on Instagram, DO IT. I follow her glute and ab workouts. She has so many amazing exercises you can do at home, using booty bands and ankle weights( which I am planning to start using… currently just doing body weight). I am looking into FitwithCambrie for workout routines as well…. I am hoping to start incorporating a few different “fitinspo” ladies to get some diversity in my exercises.

PDA PDA PDA … with my fiancé

I have to say, finally being able to have a some what normal work schedule has drastically improved the fitness area of my life. My energy levels have improved, and I actually sleep better through the night!

I know this post isn’t super long, or even packed with a ton of detail… but I am working to really come up with a fitness routine that gets me feeling at my very best.

VIA my insta: @rachaelgooch

BABY STEPS. Working out is not easy, and keeping myself accountable is tough! If you’re feeling unmotivated or nervous to start, I am here to say ” YOU GOT THIS!” Just get moving. Whether it be going on a walk, or doing some stretches in the morning… any little bit is going to help. We all have to start somewhere:)

Here’s to continuing to work on our health physically, but also, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

** if you’re interested in specific workout details, I have some videos on my Instagram: @rachaelgooch !! ( under my story hight mlight, health/fitness)




2 responses to “On Fitness/health Goals”

  1. Hi, thank you for this update, been following you for a week now and I discovered Lauren G method because of you.

    Now I wondered because I’ve been running on the treadmill for a month or so, when did you start seeing changes on your body after you started the 12-3-30 and how many of those workouts were you doing per week in the beginning? I’m kind of scared to gain too much volume on my quadriceps by increasing the incline…I really want to build lean lines on my legs.

    Thank you again ♡


    1. I havent noticed by legs getting “bulky” at all! I dont do a super steep incline and I do run at the end of my incline workouts! xo hope that helps!


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