BecomingBridges“BB”Series[ Were getting married!]

Chapter one

& it begins : Venue

WEDDING PLANNING: so it’s been about 4 months since Alec proposed, and to say the least, wedding planning has been a bit wild! The covid stuff has been super scary, and made things complicated in regards to choosing the venue. This post is everything venue related. So all my tips and lessons learned will be included. (Also posting some of my engagements with Alec..** which turned out bomb af. ***

VENUE is everything. Basically to sum up what I learned about venue is that until you have that secured , you don’t have a date AKA you can’t move forward with ANYTHING. (Other than do your own research …). To keep in mind when choosing a venue:

location— what is around for people to do? To stay? Do you like city feel? Or do you prefer secluded // remote ? Also I think it’s important to think about where everyone will be coming from? Do they have outdoor space available if you’re in the city? And lastly, is the location YOU. does the area reflect the style of wedding you’re picturing?

What does the venue provide? —What’s part of the package? ie: Wedding cake included if not, cake cutting fee? Champagne toast? Customizable menu? Stay for the Newley weds if it’s a hotel? Parking for guests?

How much are you willing to do verses what the venue does for you?) — some venues are just like here’s the space. And it’s up to you to rent pretty much everything. ( I was NOT DOWN for that ,, I’m planning the wedding with my mom and Jessie and We didn’t want to do all that. So we went with a venue that had most of that stuff as part of the package).

Correspondence: THIS. okay so a lot of the places I visited the catering manager or the event coordinator became almost a “make it or break it” for me. I had to feel like the person knew what they were doing, were willing to negotiate, and were genuinely interested in our special day. I also wanted someone I knew had a sense of style & understood what I was going for. ( something not a lot of people tell you, but I found it become a big deal in the venue search). ** especially since I will be the one doing most of back and forth.

Obviously BUDGET. let’s not beat around the bush. It’s pretty much the main factor at the end of the day when it comes to where you want your wedding. Just have one in mind when you start and then after research you may have to adjust it. I went in not knowing how much different venues would be… so I really came up with something after EXTENSIVE research. I visited lots of places guys. Lots. I started in early March and just secured my date and venue this weekend if that tells you anything. It’s a process. It’s an investment. It’s not something to take lightly … (I’m also so frugal lol, so this whole process has been hard, but I keep reminding myself that it’s my once in a lifetime special day !!) ** ps I won’t share pricing details specifically but if you’re a bride and seriously wanting some guidance please message me on Instagram. I would so be willing to give you more insight because I know how scary and overwhelming it can be when it comes to money !

** lil engagement photoshoot tid bit : Travis Frey completely killed it. He let Alec and I just be us, and he captured who we are as a couple perfectly. 110% suggest him for your photoshoot needs. He does senior photos, engagements, and wedding videos!! Check his instagram out @travifrey !!! SIDE NOTE: there were so many, but I’m saving my absolute favs because I’ll be using them for save the dates !

Photos by Travis Frey

So by now, I’m sure you’re wondering “ so Rachael, what the heck did you finally decide on?!?”

After a couple months of ups and downs, some days of total freaking defeat… and trust me I’ve felt all the emotions , this weekend I finally signed the official contract!



TEARS TEARS. it’s been such a long road with the covid stuff happening right in the mist of me trying to make , arguably, the most important decision about the wedding. I felt so much pressure to find the perfect spot. Alec and I have been together for a really long time. Not to be corny, but I want this day to be beautiful because Alec has truly stuck with me through thick and thin. ♥︎ I always imagined our day in Houston, but the weather, outdoor space of the venue, the style, just everything about the four seasons Austin felt like US. IM SO PUMPED.

I have a huge weight lifted after nailing down this decision and finally having a legit date. Just. O. My. Gosh. Unreal.

Ladies and gents; coming June 12, 2021 I’ll officially be Mrs. Bridges. Holy. Freaking. Pinch. Me.

#becomingbridges #bridaljourney #weddingplanning

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