month of may:goals

Hello! and Happy Saturday morning!

CHEERS TO A FUN WEEKEND…. but first…. lets chat. 
I started off the day making chocolate chip panacakes for Alec and my sister, and brewed up some coffee. I went with my mom to the store to pick up a few things to make a yummy lunch for everyone and now, here I am writing a blog post. Its been nice to slow down during quaratine, but safe to say, I am so ready for the world to start coming back to life.
Ive had some ups and downs lately with how Ive been feeling. For sure stressing about wedding planning because it hasnt gone as smoothly as I would have liked(thus far). Ive started to narrow things down some, but still dont have a secure date or venue yet. Im hoping by the end of the month I will have something secured. (fingers crossed friends, and prayers appreciated!)
I wanted to use this blog post as a semi check in. Hows everyone doing? What kinds of activites are you guys investing in? Alec asked me the other day when I was feeling super down… “babe, what are some things I really enjoy doing? “.. And to be honest I didnt have an answer.
Which is kind of weird, but in that moment I noticed that I’ve kind of been going through the motions; working, doing chores around the apartment, occasionally working out; and cooking( REPEAT).
I need to find some things I really enjoy; i think that would really help my overall wellbeing and happiness.

So my new goal for the month of May is to find something I can invest in, learn about, and come to truly enjoy. As silly as that sounds, I really feel like its been missing from my life. Cheers to finding a new hobby this year; and I hope by the end of 2020, I can share something fun and new with you guys.

And to rap up this blog post, I wanted to link some products Ive been using to help with anxiety. I like to implement a couple things into my nightly routine to help myself sleep and feel calm.  Also a few of these companies are small businesses that I love and wanted to show some love to! So without further adeu…..


Oh so beautifully crafted candles, with lovely scents: * a local houston small business:

Merry-go-round candle

Essential Oil: Lavander : a must have. Essential oils have changed my life guys. I use lavander almost ever night as part of my “wind down” routine.

My diffuser… a gift from my little sister that I absolutly LOVE.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser






I really have been enjoying cooking… its been therapeutic for me to keep my mind occupied and just relax… I really dont have any links for cooking items as of lately! You can check out my personal instagram for some cool, and fun recipes! XO,, INSTA: @rachaelgooch

I have also been loving having a clean space. And as much as possible, decorating with flowers. It adds a calming ambiance to our apartment space. It also gives me something to “take care of, and keep up with,” which makes me feel good. PLANT THERAPY IS. EVERYTHING. I cant wait to have my own garden someday….

Favorite relaxing teas: A classic favorite for night time,  “sleepytime”,  a chamomile tea.

And to end the blog post with a few of my recent favorite memories. Happy Saturday, and month of May. Hoping for an amazing rest of 2020. Talk to you guys in the next blog post. Stay happy and healthy friends.



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