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So,, I am really excited to be writing this FINALLY! Since the new year started I really got serious about my skincare routine. I wanted to start some good habits since I felt like my skin was something I wasn’t paying that much attention to(& SHOULD BE)!

I turned 25 this year and also closed my “nightshift” nurse chapter of my life. What a better time to get started right?

Okay so I am still experimenting with different products and figuring out what is best for me! Remember, this is what has been working for me…. Everyone has different skin types & I am also no expert.  So lets just dive in!

I LOVE LOVE THIS DIAGRAM ( so I am including it in this post) It’s simple and gives you a guideline! I don’t do the whole 10 step routine yet….kind of working up to that. I’ve picked a few steps that I felt like I wanted to start with(so that’s what Ill be sharing with you guys in this post!) As I learn more and advance, Ill share!

From the Diagram:

Cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, essence

Korean Beauty Routine - Glow Time

So I have been using the Micellar water to cleanse my face along side my facewash! Ive found this has really helps get the dirt and makeup out of my pores. AKA less breakouts. Linking both products below so yall can check those out!

So after washing my face, I use an exfoliator about twice a week! I love love the pixi peel and polish! It does have sugar cane in it, so it really gets rid of the dead skin. It’s rougher, so I don’t use it everyday!

Next, I use a toner! So I really want to try some different brands( just to branch out a bit), but I have been using the pixi toner linked below! Its a glow tonic and has been working well with my skin! I apply kind of slapping it on my face …. I guess it gets the blood flowing! I felt weird at first doing this… but lots of the ladies doing the skin tutorials did it( and they have beautiful skin soooo I jumped on that train!)

After toner, I use essence! So this step is relatively new to me! I have this little bottle from Estee Lauder.. its the travel size(because girlll this brand is super expensive!) A little goes a long way, so if you get the travel size you’re still getting the amazing product but for a lot less. I am going to keep experimenting with this and see if I can find some other brands more affordable that work well! Stay tuned.. but for now linking the travel size below!…/estee-lauder-micro-essence-skin-activating-treatment-lotion-0.5-ozID=2477910&pla_country=US&CAGPSPN=pla

After essence I skip a couple steps including, treatments and facial oil! ..both of which I plan on incorporating at some point… but for now I go to eye cream and moisturizer!

CONVINCED, that both of these products have brought so much life and glow back into my skin! I felt like after working nightshift for so long, my skin was just dry and uneven; almost kind of dull and I was developing dark circles under my eyes. So I currently use the Mario Badescu under eye cream and then the Pixi Beauty Rose Ceramide cream moisturizer! I have read a lot of negative reviews about Mario Badescu products…. So I’m not sure I am going to stick with their cream forever but its what I have and its been working for me well. As far as the moisturizer goes, IT’S 10/10! It’s helped my skin so much… if I were to try something new it would just be because I wanted to experiment. Its been a great starter for me!


I will occasionally use masks but haven’t fully incorporated it in my routine! I do them for fun with my sisters when we have a girls night usually.

Other things that I feel like have helped my skin a ton!

DRINKING lots of WATER. This is so hard sometimes especially as a nurse. But I have started to try and drink a whole tall glass before I even get to work lol.. makes for a few more bathroom breaks in the AM, but I finally feel like I am a bit more hydrated during the work day. ** i like to add cucumber and lemon when I can

Exercising more consistently; and afterwards washing my face with warm water( keeping sweat out of my pores.. YAS)

Taking my multivitamin daily. I used to be so GOOD at taking my vitamins and kind of let it go by the way side. Lets keep each other accountable …

Its normal to get pimples when your stressed out, or its your time of the month… when that does happen, just remember its temporary and try not to pick ( I AM THE QUEEN OF PICKING) …. another thing I really need to work on.

I have been loving the way my skin has been feeling so far this year guys. I do have a long way to go to perfect my routine and to further enhance it, but I am proud of the progress I’ve made! I have found a great sense of pride and happiness taking care of skin. It is meticulous and does take time, but I think that’s what makes it really special to me. It is time I am intentionally setting apart to take care of me. I would encourage you, even if its just applying moisturizer, to JUST START. Start with one or two steps, then add more over time.

Lets do this !! Healthy, happy, glow up for our skin this year ❤ Comment below, or on instagram with your progress or results! I would love to chat with you guys about skincare because I am learning new things everyday… hugs.



instagram: @rubylemongirls @rachaelgooch @jessiemarie_4



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