lemons to lemonade

Hey friends! Its been about a month or so since my last blog post and MAN, have things been wild!!

Update from COVID-19 quarantine! … What a crazy time right now for our world. I don’t know about y’all, but I for sure thought 2020 was going a totally different way….

I mean, a great start to the year; Jess and I turned 25, I GOT FREAKIN ENGAGED, we moved into a rad apartment with the coolest people we know. Things couldn’t have been going any better…..

…. until COVID-19 came and changed so much for so many people. 2020 turned for the worst real quick. I mean yikes. 

Living in this pandemic seems unreal, almost like a lucid dream? People hoarding food and supplies, self- quarantining, living in constant panic that you might get the virus at any time? For sure feeling a little lost and hopeless at times and I have so many questions….

When will this all be over?

How will things be different?(because I KNOW for a fact they will be in big ways)

Will everyone be okay … will our world recover?

What will be our new “normal?”

As a healthcare provider, what kind of changes am I going to see implemented at the bedside?

With so many questions, and virtually no answers until this all unfolds, I find myself (along with many others) working on how to deal with COVID-19 in a positive way. Ultimately turning lemons into lemonade so to speak. 🙂

Without diminishing the truly saddening and frightening effects that this virus has had on so many people’s livelihood including my own, how can I turn this experience into one of growth?

As I sit here in my kitchen and type this post, I cant help but think how maybe I wouldn’t have written again so soon… unless I had this time to slow down and reflect. I wont lie the past couple of months of 2020 have been a whirl wind. I haven’t had much time to just “be.”

I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with Alec, since he’s been working from home. I, 10 out of 10, thought I would be super annoyed you guys … but having him in the next room to go say hi to or just have a quick chat with has been really really nice. It has reminded me that our relationship is truly built on a deep and special friendship. With being newly engaged, it’s been cool to just refocus on our story.

***Getting engaged.

For real you’re living in a magical love bubble; wedding planning, and prepping for fun events, and talking about wedding stuff with everyone, dreaming of it tooo it’s CONSTANT… and the fact that in a few months you’re going to be MARRIED kind of gets lost. (not sure if other couples felt this way… could just be me, I’m not sure…) Anyways, this time has been amazing for Alec and me because we really have been able to refocus on whats important and think about this commitment were about to make to each other next year. Would we have had this time right now without COVID19? HMM, maybe, but I guess we will never know. 

I have also been able to rest some. I was going super hard with working out and It’s been nice to take a bit of a step back to be honest.(even tho Jess has been on her grind since she’s training for 1/2 marathon!)

I have a new appreciation for how our world operates. I miss going outside, and enjoying fresh air and seeing people living their lives;  being productive and making innovative changes in our processes. Although as a society we have been doing less, in cool ways progress is still happening! For example, I’ve read cool stuff about how our environment as been healing which is really beautiful to me! People have been starting up new hobbies or starting up old hobbies they let fall to the wayside because… life. lol.

Overall, its been so nice to refocus on whats really important in life! Finding new appreciation for things that we took for granted before. For example, being able to interact with your coworkers face to face or that nice drive to work in the morning listening to your favorite music or podcast. There is truly nothing like the “little things” in life. Moral of this “COVID19” story….You don’t know how lovely those “little things” are until there gone.

Aint that the truth.


HAPPY MONDAY, and happy quarantining friends.



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