ohhh the day of love. I really really love this holiday because its all about celebrating being kind to one another(not just your significant other).

Lets be real here, a lot of the time we are surrounded by news of tragedies and evil. Social media, as fun as it can be, also tends to thrive on the negative; consequently we are exposed to more bad than good. Take the news for example( I could elaborate but i think we all get it…).

Valentines Day.

Whether or not you have a significant other or not, you can celebrate  family, friends, coworkers, gosh you can celebrate loving YOURSELF! So in my opinion Valentines day is truly UNIVERSAL LOVE DAY… and it’s a holiday our world seriously needs these days.

Kind of the typical gift guide coming up, but figured I would share some of our go to gifting ideas for Valentines day! Links provided! So… happy idea shopping, and hope you guys find something you actually feel like investing in for yourself or a loved one! XO,,

For the Guys:

Cute Nike fleece jacket!— super stylish and vintage!

NIKE Half Zip Hooded Pullover, Main, color, GEODE TEAL/ OBSIDIAN







Cool knit joggers!– pretty much all guys love joggers! Comfy sweat pants that are stylish too?! SOLD.

Color:Polo Black - Image 1 - Double-Knit Jogger Pants






I am linking my favorite place to shop for ties! THE TIE BAR! omgsh you can search for hours…. so whatever style/look your mans is into they probably have it! Happy tie buying hehe! They also have super cute formal dress shirts and pants!


These cute athletic but dressy pants for lululemon are SO COOL. A little more pricey, but I think totally worth the money! 







This water bottle is super cool and tracks your intake over the day! If you have a guy in your life working on hydrating …. this is cool! (jessies boyfriend has one and super loves it!) * i think its a cute little addition to something nicer… but still something function and thoughtful! 



A super nice pair of cuff links… i think this makes for a gorgeous gift you guys! Its the little details that make the biggest difference! I loved these from nordstrom!







Again from nordstrom!… I know Alec could use one of these and this one seemed really nice and classy!

<img src=”https://n.nordstrommedia.com/id/sr3/bc76325e-0f48-4f9b-8dcd-1b049b26ec0f.jpeg?crop=pad&pad_color=FFF&format=jpeg&w=780&h=1196&#8243; class=”alignleft” alt=”M-CLIP® ‘Ultralight’ Money Clip, Main, color, BLACK/ BLACK” width=”216″ height=”331″>




Lastly.. there are so many brands of wallets for guys out there and they can get really expensive! I found this really classy one from ted baker( its on sale too right now!)

TED BAKER LONDON Leather Wallet, Main, color, BLACK








OH where to begin! There are so many niches you could enter… beauty, wellness, fashion, jewelry… the list goes on! I am going to post some fun brands I have been into lately.. some expensive and what I would consider a “splurge;”  then others that are much more affordable, but still uber cute! So we go!


So one of my new obsessions, https://www.stoneycloverlane.com/

STONEY CLOVER LANE!!— the cutest monogrammed bags, totes, and pouches! Seriously the combinations are endless and they have the trendiest patches you can customize! …

SERIOUSLY LADIES SO CUTE! you can customize with initials, or categories like “GLAM” “TRAVEL”  “MEDS” “STUFF” “HAIR” “MAKEUP” “TINGS” …. they came out with a new cozy that is to die for! 


The list could go on forever in regards to BEAUTY: but some of our favorites include:

PIXIBEAUTY– Glow tonic, Rose Ceramide cream, Glow mist( omgsh love for a setting spray), and of course the Peel and Polish(amazing exfoliater)



MARIO BADESCU — the products we love– the hyaluronic eye cream, rose spray, Hydro Moisturizer With Vitamin C, Seaweed night cream!


VAPOUR BEAUTY –The bronzing stick! omgsh its so vibrant and beautiful on;  and of course their illusionist concealer( lots of colors to fit any skin type!)

Also mentioning some of our favorite brands to shop from:
Glossier(makeup and skincare!)
GISOU( hair products that are so on trend and beautifully made!)

For Jewelry that’s affordable and forever a go to!…

Frasier Sterling has “30 Thursdays” …Select jewelry for only 30 bucks! THAT’S CRAZY! You can customize necklaces with your significant others name( personalized jewels are always an amazing gifting idea!) * linking that below, its the second link!


instagram image

I am a new ambassador for this super boss girl company! .. up and coming they are super on trend, classy, and stylish! For cute hair pieces and gorgeous jewels visit their site! USE MY CODE: RACHAEL10 
The Leandra Earrings

For more expensive, fine jewels,  try these really trendy brands that Jess and I are kind of obsessed with!

The LAST LINE LA(EXPENSIVE; BUT LOVE)https://thisisthelast.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiaCerIvA5wIVR9bACh3hAAiBEAAYASAAEgLsPPD_BwE

AUREUM– (THIS BRAND IS middle tier! HIGHLY RECOMMEND and love her branding and products! 



Okay so linked some of my current favorites but….

There are so many other categories you could venture into … anthropologie has so many cute accessories( bags, jewels, sleepwear, makeup, candles, ect.) If you are in a pinch, go here because they are middle to upper in the cost range and easily accessible  (you can buy something nice// affordable at the same time!)

A LITTLE MORE on what to buy for your MANS 😉

For guys, Link Soul has cute golf wear and some awesome prints! ( you could get one framed at hobby lobby!) Wall art is super cool and thoughtful! ( as long as you really know the style of who you are purchasing for) linking their site below!


you can also go the watch route! They have such a range in price point so i suggest going to Nordstrom/Macys/Dillards and just taking a look in the jewelry department and buy based off your budget! ( If you can afford a NICE NICE watch, you can always check the actual jewelry stores!) And of course the always typical cologne route hehe,,,, honestly sometimes your man just needs a fresh scent, am I right ladies? I bought Alec a really nice brand one Christmas and its lasted! It was so worth the money!

linking that scent here: its PRADA BLACK 



Alright well I feel like that covered a bunch of bases! If you guys have questions or ideas please leave comments below! love you guys so much, thanks for reading along and being so amazing! More blog posts coming soon! Feeling so lucky and blessed to share this amazing space with you guys!





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