On Rest

Hi beautiful friends,,

So excited for a few days of rest and relaxation(much much needed).

I read something recently about the importance of taking time to truly REST; in every way. emotional, physically, spiritually, and mentally. ♥︎

••sleep, eat right, and take “me” days  Thats the EASY part am I right ?! ( Always down for a warm cup of coffee in the AM, good workout, catch some sunshine, facemask kind of day) BUT;

There are so many other important ways to “rest” to keep in mind when it comes to YOUR health&happiness journey. ♥︎♥︎

So how do I “rest” in other ways?

Personally I love journaling to help identify where I am at emotionally ♥︎it’s cathartic to express myself down on paper. (It’s like all the emotion I was harboring inside flows out of me and onto the paper…) in a way, I feel lighter afterwards. To me, resting emotionally means having a clean slate so to speak. I also love positive self talk,, I am a true believer in that the way you talk to yourself everyday, contributes to how emotionally “healthy” you are.

SO MAJOR y’all,, Don’t forget that there are people in your life that want to hear about how you’re doing!! So tell them! Even if it’s not good, its amazing for your emotional health to vent and get things off your chest. Whether it be a friend, family member, or partner… don’t be afraid to talk it out. ( I promise it will end up strengthening that relationship anyways… open communication is essential to healthy and happy relationships ♥︎)

Prayer keeps me grounded spiritually. Just taking a few minutes to talk to whoever, or whatever you identify as your higher power is a great reminder that you’re never alone ♥︎ ITS so freakin easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Work stress. Family stress. Relationship stress. Internal battles. The list goes on. Having that perspective of “there is something greater// bigger than me” is quite humbling . (Or at least it humbles me. I’m like “OK, wow. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life, and I’m going to make it through today.”)  TRY IT. …

MENTAL REST. okay friends. This is a huge one for me. So as a lot of you know, I’m a NICU nurse, and my job involves lots of assessing, quick decision making, and constant attention to detail. (Ps using brain power from 7 pm to 7 am just adds to the ….FUN? Hehe) This part of my personal well being is something I’m still working on everyday. Mental rest is hard for me. I am that over-thinker, perfectionist, “worry about things when I’m not at work, …..about work things” type of girl( okay, it’s BAD y’all, I know ughh).I’ve learned that without mental rest, I tend to become drained in other areas. Emotionally, I’m irritable, sad, anxious, and removed. I tend to have mood swings more often and truly am not my “normal”self. Spiritually I feel lost and forsaken. (Which I shouldn’t, but I tend to slip into that). And physically I just feel sick. I’ll get headaches, and stomach aches. Just over all feel crappy.

Still looking for ways to help myself rest mentally♥︎ so if anyone has suggestions please leave me comments or message me!

Currently, I try to listen to my favorite music, run, focus on this blog space, spend quality time with the people I love, & occasional read //listen to podcasts.

I try to focus my energy on the fact that I gave work my all, and my when I go home, I need to leave work at work. (Which is a lot easier said than done).

The value and importance of true REST is many times deemed unimportant in our daily lives as most of us live in the “fast lane.” I’m here to remind you that it is a crucial part in being healthy and happy, and deserves your time. So next time you have time to yourself, remember to really rest in all aspects; emotionally,spiritually, mentally, and physically. ♥︎♥︎ wishing you all the best weekend. Here’s to you.





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