hi, it’s JUNE

HELLO JUNE! Who else just cannot believe it’s already mid 2019?!

It honestly has gone by so quickly since February… its been a crazy couple of months with lots of little fun adventures! Wanted to write a quick update on how life has been going and offer some insight into recent epiphanies of mine… just the usual Rachael things. I’ve missed writing and I am over the moon to be in this space again. It is so therapeutic for me, and I love sharing with guys. Lets get started friends.


So our baby sister Christina moved in with us! She is working this summer downtown as an intern so it just felt right to have her here for a couple of months! It’s been nice to have someone around to eat early dinner with before I leave for work, and to see when Jessie is working late at night. Sisters are really the greatest. As we have gotten older our relationship has developed into a super special bond. Christina is kind of like our mom in a funny way, always taking care of our spirits; keeping us laughing and positive. We joke that shes’s our “little, big sister,” because she truly has a nurturing aura about her.

YAY for SISTERS!!!!!


Alec and I have been having just the best year so far. Lots of fun little date nights. Eight years together and I feel like there is always something new to learn about him! It’s super important in any relationship to keep things fun and fresh; Alec is super intentional about this(It is one of the many things I love about him). Recently we have been going to hit golf balls at the park! To be completely transparent: at first I HATED IT. It was kind of boring and I just went to be supportive. I started to hit a couple balls each time and actually started liking it a lot! So now I am on my way to be Rachael Gooch, professional golfer:) … haha hardly, but I really do find it to be a lot of fun! So now Alec and I have a new fun thing we both enjoy doing together.

As I am writing this, it really hits home (no pun intended lol) how wonderfully simple life is… and how the little things do mean the most. “A series of little moments;” combined, become what you will define as your life. It is interesting; a person might not remember every detail of their life, but they are left with the feelings forever. I can say in all honesty, I don’t remember every single date I’ve been on with Alec, or specific things we did, or the present he got me for Christmas in 2014, but the feelings from these times, I have forever. Here we are today, insanely in love and in the most healthy and happy relationship.

” People might forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.” — The KEY to a happy long relationship.

Nurse life

Ill save work for another post( ill just give a quick update). Overall it’s been going well. Still learning and growing every single shift and changed forever by the little fighters I take care every night. I have learned to give, give, give… and when you feel like you’ve given it all you have, GIVE more. Everyone is going through something you know nothing about. Always offer a helping hand, and never be afraid to ask for one either. Nursing is 24 hours, 7 days a week; your work becomes your family. I am blessed beyond measure to have work moms and sisters who support me and encourage me. LOVE YOU GALS if you’re reading this. If anyone has questions about nursing, or NICU please message me! I would love to help in anyway! If I did write a new post, what topics would you want to read about?

So here we are. To the end. I wanted to finish this little post with some words of encouragement. I know that sometimes life can seem unfair, rough, sad, disappointing. Or maybe for a little while things are going well, and then you have one bad day and it seems so debilitating. I have been there and am there still. NEVER give up on yourself. It is okay to have a bad day, it doesn’t mean your life is bad. You are never alone. Even if you don’t have family or friends around; turn to your higher power; whomever or whatever that is to you. Ask for help, guidance and peace of mind and spirit. Practice patience with your growth as a human being. Acknowledge the great progress you have achieved and keep striving to be the very BEST version of yourself you can be.


Have a lovely week. Here’s to being your best self.



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