April Flowers

Wow hi friends! Can’t believe it’s already April!! These past few months of 2019 have really flown by. So far, the year has gotten off to a super great start; tons of fun adventures, some great weather, and of course, personal growth.

Writing today to share some of the things I’ve been up to, learned, am thankful for….

Just some April “flowers” if you will  …  

  1. Been working out a little bit each week. Nothing to strenuous, but in any case, its something! Proud of myself for keeping up with it.
  2. Thankful for the beautiful sunshine days that lift my spirits…Reminding me that life is good, and God is real. Definitely and forever a sunshine girl. Its healing for me. Anyone else?
  3. Prayer is powerful and healing. Trusting in God’s plan for loved ones, and myself isn’t always easy, but its the best medicine.
  4. Mom and I went to visit Jessie at Gensler. So fun to see her work place and experience the craziness of downtown. ( A bit different from my hospital work scene, and a whole lot different from my Mom’s suburban life, ohh goodness!) Regardless, it was such a cool visit, and the energy was amazing! Everyone having somewhere to, places to go, or someone to meet with. Hoping to plan another visit super soon.
  5. Having quiet time to rest my mind has become so important to me. Instead of talking on the phone or listening to music in the car on the way to work, I’ll just roll down my window and be quiet. I like that. Disconnecting can actually be a connecting mechanism. Kind of an interesting concept; give it a try. How often are you on your phone, listening to music, or talking to someone? When was the last time you just took time to be still?
  6. Recently, Alec and I have been going out to Chick fil A at night time. I get a diet lemonade and he gets sweet tea. We sit in the parking lot, open the sunroof of his car and talk for awhile. I was thinking just now how funny life is…we used to that sort of thing when we were in high school ALL THE TIME.  (Except we were in Tomball, sitting in his truck, and I was worried I’d get in trouble for staying out too late… ) ,, I guess some things never change.
  7. I had a mom remember me at work the other night. I didn’t quite remember her at first, but after we got to talking, I remembered her too. I had taken care of her son earlier in the year and was currently taking care of her sister’s son. She showed me pictures. Made my whole night. In the NICU, it really is all about the little things( pun totally intended haha).
  8. LOVE, DEATH, & ROBOTS is freaking rad. If you haven’t seen it on Netflix; Do it. It’s super SiFi though...I’m just a huge nerd and love that stuff. 
  9. Missing my baby sisters lots. Cant believe their semester is almost over! We have all been super busy with life. Excited for them to be home for summer!!
  10. Thankful for times of reflection( like today) that help put the most important things back in perspective.
  11. Got to talk to Hannah( my littlest sister) on the phone the other day. It was so nice to catch up and hear her voice. Always, always make time for family. Family is forever. I am so blessed for the pretty amazing one God gave me.(Undeserving, but incredibly thankful.) Walking through life with them has been “one of kind”, kind of special.
  12. Little shout out goes out to my amazing twin sister, who never ceases to amaze me. She has been working late hours, dedicating her time and creative energy to her work. She is an inspiration. GO YOU GIRLIE. #girlboss


Well that’s all I have for April( which I guess is a good amount considering its only the 12th!) I love this space, and I love you all! I hope this month brings you joy, peace, and good fortune. Remember to love yourself on your good and bad days. Whatever you’re going through is temporary.  ” This too shall pass..”

All the warmest wishes.






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