the coolest, the realest .2018.

As this year comes to an end,, I cant help but reflect on my journey that has been 2018 .

I feel like it’s important to think about the good, the bad, and everything in between so that you can keep up with the person you are becoming. I went through a tough year where I became so disconnected with myself. One pretty ordinary day a couple years back, I literally found myself looking in the mirror, unfamiliar with the girl looking back. That was a pretty tough year.

My point is, reflection is important for your mental well being. Being in tune with yourself keeps you centered, focused…. happy. A very important lesson life taught me early on( which I am grateful for). So here I am reflecting in this cool space, the happiest I’ve been to date. Which is pretty neat.

This year,..

I passed my NCLEX and officially became Rachael Gooch BSN, RN. still feels surreal. THATS MEEEE.

Jess and I moved to Houston, got our first apartment together. We get to eat dinner most nights together, watch cool shows like Narcos, Game of Thrones, and the Marvelous Mrs. Maziel. It’s totally loud on the weekends, we have had a couple hostile take overs by june bugs and nats….;),, and our upstairs neighbors may be shuffling their furniture 3x a week or doing insane Pilates at 9 pm … but hey, its our first apartment ever!!!!! ( can only get bettter from here right?!)

Jessie traveled to San Fran for her job! Super cool and a big step in her career.

I went from preceptiee to REAL NICU nurse in June! I learned so much from my boss nurse of a preceptor. I was/ still am pretty terrified that I’ll do something wrong,, but as the shifts go on,I increasingly become that much more confident.

Alec and I moved to Houston!!! We said “seeya later” to long distance and have been loving this new chapter in our relationship! There has been lots of new things to learn about one another, but mostly, we have been freaking EXCITED adventuring together.

Both our boyfies, graduated school and got big boy jobs! Alec works as a project engineer at an midstream oil company, while Stephen works as an accountant at KPMG!! Proud is an understatement. Both guys worked so hard to get to where they are today.. it has been so cool watching them flourish!

At the beginning of the year my parents got me a new car! AHH. I feel so lucky and blessed to have parents that are able and willing to provide that for me! Its been so nice being able to drive myself to work and back home when I want to get away.

Jessie and I bought our first very own Christmas Tree! …. Walmart has the hook up!… We decorated our apartment for the holiday and It was the best. We had so much fun together. Hoping in the next couple of years we can have lots and lots of decorations! This year was a great start though!

Christina turned 21; love her! So beautiful and bright!

Hannah went to TCU, first year ♥︎ Shes growing up so fast! Really proud of her!

ALEC bought me a trip to  NYC! We are going from FEB 14-17. I am literally so excited I COULD die… if anyone has any suggestions on where to go let me know! Super overwhelmed with trying to put together an itinerary. There is so much to see ahh. Comment below!

JESSIE made a huge career move! She will write a post all about it, but its amazing amazing news for her! BIG things ahead for her this coming January !

This year has been huge for Jess and I. I think I define 2018 as the year of  great change. I literally went from college grad, to full time NICU nurse living in downtown Houston! It has been such whirl wind of a year, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the people who constantly supported me through it all. By no means was it an “easy” year, but it sure was an unforgettable one. I hope that 2019 brings consistency, comfort, and above all else, HAPPINESS.

GOALS for 2019:

  • Grow Rubylemongirls. We love this space. It is so special to us, and we are excited to bring more to the blog this year.
  • Practice healthy eating habits, exercise, drink more water.
  • BE present, in the moment.
  • Smile and laugh a whole lot more// worry, stress less.
  • Be open to change, and embrace it with grace
  • Take one day at a time.
  • pray, pray, and pray
  • Say one kind thing to ourselves everyday!
  • Say thank you more often, and share joy
  • Learn spanish?…. reallllyy want to be fluent. Rosetta Stone?… hmmm
  • hang some artwork in our apartment. .. why we havent yet= NOT A CLUE lol
  • Travel more.
  • Keep dreaming. …

Happy 2019 BABES.. lets freaking rock it.




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One response to “the coolest, the realest .2018.”

  1. I loved reading your post! You two are amazing young women and I can’t wait to see what beautiful things life has in store for you both. Thank you for sharing raw and personal things about your lives. Cheers to continued happiness and success.


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