10 Totally Cool Gifts: BF addition

Sharing with you guys some gift ideas to get your special person this holiday season!!… links are also below!!! Xo,,, and happy Christmas shopping babes!

1. Super cool pullover from JONES golf bags! https://www.jonesgolfbags.com/collections/apparel/products/birdie-champion-sweatshirt-heather-gray?variant=12823661871157

2. Leather black back pack also from jones golf bags !


3. These super cool prints to hang up !! Link Soul has a ton of different unique art! … linking a favorite!—->


4. Link Soul also has super cool apparel! Check out these fun t shirts only 35$!!


5. THE TIE BAR. So many amazing colors and patterns. Choose one perfect for your guy! Linking a few favs below!




6. Looking for some fun socks?? Look no further. Stance socks has everything you could ever want!!


7. Really love these cool athletic shorts,, and this company is amazing!! Check them out!


8. Ahh shoes. These black boots are killer. Would definitely purchase for my Bf♥︎…


9. Wallet. A must have. ♥︎♥︎ this leather tri fold wallet from Ted Baker is super nice. Check it out !


10. Last but certainly not least,, all guys need some standard T’s ♥︎♥︎♥︎ top man has some awesome options. Linking below!


So there you go. 10 really great gift ideas for your guy. ♥︎ I had input from my own guy,, so I know these are boy approved hehe! Best of luck shopping and I hope these give you some inspo !! Xo,,


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