Hi, November update

Hi Friends!

Its been a second since I have written so I thought before i head back to work I would update you guys on whats been going on !

So this past weekend was both our sister Christina’s 21st birthday and my boyfriend Alec’s 23rd birthday! We had an amazing time celebrating them both!

For Christina’s birthday my family drove up to Fort Worth and stayed at the Omni hotel in downtown Fort Worth… Such an amazing experience. We went to eat at Kona Grill with the family, then got drinks at the hotel bar and sat by the fire! I feel so blessed to have such a tight knit family:) My sisters and I are super close, and our mom is basically our bff <3.  It was so refreshing to have some fam time, since the girls are in college and Jess and I work, its been kind of crazy lately.

Overall, it was super nostalgic to be back in Fort Worth.. lots of fun and fond memories from our college days. When we first got to Ft Worth, we went to Free people and  Anthropologie with our mom to shop around ( FRIENDS, they have their Christmas stuff up and its crazy cute!!!) … It got Jess and I thinking all about how we want to decorate our first tree in our apt, and the countless other decoration additions we want to add! Definitely going to write up a blog post about Christmas decorations for you guys. Its our favorite time of year!

Celebrating Alec’s 23rd was easy,, hes so fun, kind, compassionate, and just my bestie forever:). i wish I could have done more for him… but I took him to The Classic (an amazing restaurant in The Heights, Houston TX– highly recommend.) I invited a couple of his friends and we ate cookie cake and I made the waiter light every single one the 23 candles I brought. Also, per usual, I purchased the biggest balloons I could find … I always do ( kind of try to embarrass him haha… but at the same time I love celebrations,, the whole 9 yards.. cake, presents, balloons…I really love celebrating the people I love:)

Jess and I have been loving living downtown and have been busy working hard! We still have lots to learn, and are constantly growing mentally as the days pass by.

Today I went to the public library and read some amazing literature about self healing through meditation and reflection.

Breathing, and visualization: two amazing tools to use in any stressful situation. I plan to read more of the novel before I do a full blog post about this, but the book is called, Self- Healing with Reiki. I’ve already learned so much in the first few chapters about energy management, and how your life force can truly heal you if you know how to use it. It has been so important to my mental and spiritual well being to keep focused on how it changes as I continue to move through this new phase of my life. I hope to share some  life changing advice on how to heal, grow, and change the way you perceive yourself and your life after I am done with this book!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, Jess and I are planning on lots of fun content to share with you all including decor, holiday fashion, and travel !

Sending much love to you this Thursday and hope your week has been productive!

Till next time,,


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