Beachy Beachy

Hi hi hi! So happy to be writing again! So, JULY/August flew by! … which is why I’m posting this a bit late! I cannot believe we’re already about to be in September!! CRAZY !! Lots of fun things have been happening during the last few weeks! My sisters are moved back to college… honestly a little sad to see them go! ( they are going to have an amazing year though!) Christina is starting her junior year and our littlest sister Hannah will be freshmen! Time flies guys.. so crazy to think they are both in college now … ( we feel old haha).

Our boyfriends have officially moved downtown! YAY. Its been super cool having them closer by… especially since we both did long distance for a while, this “living in the same city” thing has been super special and lots of fun!

Alec has been amazingly supportive as I have transitioned from” orienting status” to “lone nurse status”:) Not going to lie guys, its been a tough transition for me, but lots of growth has happened! (im planning on writing a post about work in the next week or so,, so I will talk about it then!)

It has been so fun to go on date night on a Thursday, or have movie night last minute! So not used to having Alec close by… he probably is so annoyed with me already (clingy GF status… yes that’s me hahaha, cant help it ugh!) On a super serious note, it really has been the best best past couple of weeks! I am so grateful to have him to talk to and lean on when I need support or reassurance.

We went to Galveston with Jess for her work event! Wow… what a treat it was to visit the ocean! I forgot how much I love it there,, its humbling to see the vastness and beauty. Got me to thinking about how small my problems really are. I love when the world gives back to me in little ways like that.

I think my favorite thing about the trip was how fun it was to spend some real quality time as a group. We really are the coolest little crew of friends and go way back! There is never a dull moment, and we make the very best of whatever we decide to do, big or small. Since I have started working, little getaways have become such a treasure. I guess when your a kid you don’t fully appreciate fun trips. With my relatively new found status as “working adult,” I’ve found it so necessary just to refocus and rejuvenate myself by taking some time away from the “9-5” “5 days a week” schedule (or in my case “7-7”, “3 days a week” haha).

I hope that you all are finding peace this week. I know life gets hectic and crazy and everyone is fighting battles that no one knows about. If that’s you, hold on, dont give up, and keep moving forward. We believe in you, and we pray that you find happiness and strength today, tomorrow, and each day that follows. Sharing some pictures from the weekend with you and look for outfit details on our instagram!

As always happy vibes to you dear friend. Thank you for reading!

till next time.– Rachael & Jessie

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