June // 10 things

10 of my favorite things about JUNE. :

1. learning how to cope with stress at work, and stay positive when I’m discouraged. Yay. Go me ♥︎

2. Rediscovering my love for journaling! It’s therapeutic.

3. Watching Vikings with Jessie when we’re both home for dinner (aka when I don’t have to work haha).

4. getting vitamin D ♥︎ it’s hot here in Texas and I’m thriving by the pool when I can.

5. Spending quality time with my warrior mom. She’s literally super woman I swear. We tanned, swam, and talked about life. Sweet memories. ♥︎

6. Getting red roses from my boyfriend of almost 7 years a few weeks back. (Um,, romantic ? Totally.& I’m smitten).

7. Taking on a new hobby with Alec: photography! It’s fun to learn something new with my sweetie. Not to mention he’s a natural 😉

8. Staying aware of my feelings and choosing joy. (Especially when I’m sad or frustrated with someone or something).

9. Having Christina (my middle sis) back home. She really makes our house feel happy. ( love her laugh and free spirit.)

10. Getting happy notes from Jessie after a long 12 hr night shift. She’s a cool roommate and an amazing sis.

— Rachael ♥︎


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