B is for Budgeting

(JULY UPDATE//( a couple days late hehe): on being an adult=bills, trips, life)

Hi friends! writing to you to share some updates on work and life! I really hope you all are having such a beautiful summer thus far.. its HOT HOT here in Texas! Gosh,, but what’s new?!

Our apartment is at a little bit of a standstill with decorating, but our sofa is freaking beautiful and we are excited to add to the look soon! Apartment furniture is expensive ahh, so its been a little bit slow since I have just started working! Jess paid for our first round of stuff so its my turn next( which I’m STOKED about!!).. just waiting till I have a bit more saved up! Its so interesting planning and taking care of money! Its a huge responsibility and honestly is not easy. I don’t know about you, but its hard to balance going out to do fun things, paying bills, planning dream trips, and just living !!! It all really starts to add up. How best do you organize your money?

Jessie and I set up a system where I actually pay the bills for our apartment online and then she transfers me the half she owes me! It actually makes things simpler and easier to keep up with it! I would suggest this to those of you with roomies and bills! Another tip. –> GOING PAPERLESS.Guys, this makes it so much easier to keep track of bills! I literally get notifications on my phone through my apps when its time to pay! I have an app for pretty much every bill I have to pay. It’s so nice and it keeps it handy! So I am never late with anything and I know what’s outstanding. I think paying my bills and keeping track of all of that stuff was one of the most nerve racking parts of moving out and being on my own…like “what if I forget to pay something?” “wait, what did I pay, and who do I still have to pay?”.. There can be a lot to keep straight in your mind especially with a crazy work schedule! Moral of the story, GO PAPERLESS, use technology, and program reminders! It has literally made my life so much less stressful!

Its also really fun to look at the whole year and try and make plans for trips! It can be tough with everyone’s schedules being a bit crazy, but I am hoping to take a super fun trip at the end of this year (fingers crossed!) I think you guys will love love the content if it all works out! …. (EXCITED UGH). Planning trips gives you something to look forward to, while helping you to manage your money and be responsible.

Working and scheduling trips is actually SO HARD !! It really forces you to plan ahead.. which actually really helps you manage your funds( so I guess it has its good points!) Each time I get paid, I move some of the money in an account I made for travels. I also decided once I make x amount in my checking, to move a portion of it to savings. So I have a set amount in my checkings always and then once I hit my amount I move it over. For example,

Say my minimum amount I want to keep in my checking account is 3000$.

So I have 3000 $ in my checking account and once I reach 6000$ I move 3000 into my savings. So basically every time I hit 6000$ Ill move 3000$ into savings and it really starts to add up! Its a great way to save guys!

And you can even do like 2500$ and put 500$ into your savings for travel! These are just random numbers so yall have an idea about what I’m talking about! JUST START.

Trust me, I am still so newto all of this saving, paying bills, 401K stuff. Its kind of intimidating especially starting out on your own! I hope to do a follow up post every couple months about new things I learn and how I’m managing my money! I know its a personal thing, and everyone has their own way of doing things, but I am hoping this post can give some of you “newbies” to adulthoodjust an idea on where to start! ( I always wished someone would give me like some kind of outline on what to do when it comes to saving and planning !)

Happy Saturday lovies! I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and promoting lots of positivity wherever you are! Give a compliment, share a story, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself! 

Outfit details :

Blue jean skirt : @pacsun

Green top: @urbanoutfitters

Cheetah swimmy: @h&m

pink dress : @topshop

Black heels: @target



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