The Boys Graduate.

Happy happy Wednesday friends! It feels great to have a moment to write again! Its been a busy last couple of days with all the exciting events that were happening! So this post is dedicated to updating you guys on everything!

So first off our main men GRADUATED. Alec graduated with his degree in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M and Jessie boyfriend Stephen graduated from OU with his Masters in Accounting! This weekend was long awaited for all of us and we had the best time celebrating their amazing accomplishments! Both guys are seriously the sweetest and most hard working people we know!(they are crazy smart, and put so many hours into achieving their goals, GO BOYS :))

I had work these past few days, but I will save work updates for another post!

So let me take you back to A&M with me… I got there a few days early, so Alec and I went on some fun dates just us two(IT WAS SO NICE) we hadn’t seen each other in couple of weeks so It was good to catch up on how everything had been going in both our worlds. Sometimes life just gets crazy especially when you’re long distance; its hard to stay current! Anyways… we also played around with Alec’s grad present from my family and me… a Camera! He had been wanting a nice camera to start up photography, so I decided to go with that for his grad gift. BEST DECISION ever, because he loved it yall(like seriously, never seen him so excited, I guess boys love new gadgets haha) and we spent the majority of Thursday afternoon taking pictures at the Barbara Bush Garden. Linking the camera below  for you guys!

Alec is just amazing at taking pictures already and he’s only just started! You all will be seeing lots of his work on the blog for sure! I am so excited about incorporating him more with creating content for this space!( most of these pictures I’ve included are by him!)

My favorite memory from the whole graduation was actually post graduation ceremony! So Alec graduated around 8 and it finished around 11. After we ate lunch with his family, we had dinner later that night and went to the store and got ice cream… we took it to OBVIOUSLY our favorite place in college station, the George Bush Library…. sat outside in the garden, ate our ice cream and talked. It was honestly beautiful weather outside, cool breeze, sun setting, and a calmness that just sat comfortably around us. The garden was flourishing, deep greens surrounded the shimmering lake, and the flowers were all in bloom. To be honest, it was out of a dream. The whole date was just a perfect ending to a crazy couple of days. Alec and I decided that if that was a glimpse into our next 80 years together, man would we be lucky.

Being still is so important. Moments like that make you re-center your mind and focus on what is really important in life. I remember saying, ” I wish it could be like this all the time,” quite bliss… surrounded by nature and immersed in good conversation and even better company.

The weekend celebrating my amazing boyfriend who I love and admire dearly couldn’t have gone any more perfectly. He made it through one  of the toughest degree programs out there, while taking care of me! He’s just perfect.

Jess will update you guys in a coming post on her adventures with Stephen and his whole graduation in a comin post so stay tuned! I really am so grateful for each of you, and I feel lucky to share my memories and growth with you all. Thank you for reading, much love!

Outfit details:
Blue lacey dress: Nordstroms
Floral top: urban outfitters (similar but not the same!)
Jean skirt: pacsun (similar)
Sneakers: superga

till next time,



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