Hi Hello I am so glad you are here,,

It’s so good to be writing this week! I wanted to use this time to connect with you guys and share some of my growths and some of my frustrations. I read this amazing article about being mindful of your energy as you go through your day. It talked about how to re focus yourself, and those around you to re center the aurora. I find that it is easy to become disconnected with your own feelings and thoughts as the craziness of the day ensues. You move from one task to the next without much thought other than checking the next “to-do”off your list. So what’s the danger of this? Does it really have an impact? Why should I care about mindfulness?

Being mindful of your energy not only effects you but everyone around you; your loved ones, your coworkers, your friends. What you put out into the world comes back to you. By being mindful of your energy and vibrations, you can redirect the motion of your day.For example, becoming so engrossed in your work that you become frustrated or agitated with a coworker asking for help. Another example could be putting off negative energy toward your partner when you get home( because you went through the day disconnected with yourself).

So, the article talked about how to be more mindful and connected during your day. Activities included:

  • Taking a moment to take a few deep breathes( the deep ones that come from your belly).
  • Reciting a bible verse or quote that has special meaning to you.
  • Taking a moment to get up from your desk, get a cup of coffee( or warm cup of tea) and enjoy.
  • Take a couple of minutes, even seconds, to clear your mind. Think of positive energy filling you up, and imagine yourself purposefully breathing it out into the environment.

Coming from my own experiences at work, it literally seems like I am so task oriented I breeze through the shift without even thinking of how I feel or what kind of energy I am putting off . I have no time to breathe (or pee haha) or just take a second to myself. It’s HARD(but I know it will continue to get better). I know if I can remember to be mindful of my energy, my shift would go 10x better. I am writing now, because I hope that this can be a reminder to those of you who are caught up in the fast lane right now ( I know I am). Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your energy. It’s part of the human experienceand can have a huge impact on the way you perceive the world & how it perceives you. I am always looking for ways to be more present and in tune with myself and the world around me.

Emotional and spiritual well being seem to get left behind when it comes to being healthy. I never knew the importance of feeding your soul with beautiful words, and planting seeds of positivity until my college years( when that became the best medicine for me during a difficult time). I wish society put more of an emphasis on it at a younger age(especially with all the tragedy, chaos, and metal health issues we deal with as a generation).

As I sit here in my apartment, listening to my favorite music, glass of room temperature lemon water next to me, and a pair of sleepy eyes writing this blog post, I wish only the best to you today. I hope this little bloom of mine reaches at least one of you. Happy mindfulness to you dear friend.


Sweater: urban outfitters

Blue Jean skirt: pacsun 

Neck tie: urban outfitters

Shoes: superga




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