Power Struggle

Hi friends!

Its so good to be writing again to all of you! I wanted to pop on and write about some recent discoveries I’ve made in the past few weeks!

I am so excited to be really immersed in my job as a NICU nurse. I have been so humbled by all the amazing experiences I have had, and the immense amount of knowledge I receive every shift from my preceptor and colleagues.  In the mist of all the excitement I have found I have days of discouragement and frustration with myself.

I am definitely the “little fish” in a Big Sea of amazing nurses and people. I have learned that I really don’t know much(even after nursing school), have lots to improve on. Not just in regards to my job, BUT in my life I tend to feel a bit lost some days in this vast world we all live in. It is easy to get discouraged, down, and overwhelmed by the days’ tasks, financial responsibilities, as well as internal// external burdens.  It gets HEAVY. All of it.

I found myself asking…

So… how do I deal with this so called “heaviness of life”?… How do persevere when I feel like taking another step seems impossible? Is it normal? and finally.. WHY? why does this heaviness exist?

I’m not sure if you all have similar feelings? Maybe just uncertainty, or anxiety, maybe even confusion about your purpose or how to deal with life’s up’s and downs.. but I like to keep it real on the blog and have it be an honest and open space!

Anyways… so after some reflection this week I decided on a few things. Number one, life is heavy because WE are strong. I am a firm believer that God really gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. I’ve found through prayer that I am able to give my burdens up to the Lord, and amazingly, my load seems much lighter. Whoever may be your higher power try giving up your worries and fears. Share them with that person// spirit// being. BAM, MIRACLE on earth. :))

I’ve also decided that without the heaviness of life, I wouldn’t be growing. I look at the difficulties of my job and how discouraged/frustrated I get, and how without those feelings I wouldn’t push myself to get better. True growth means feeling unsettled for a little while. Moving/shifting is uncomfortable, sure!… but necessary to move from one point to the next. I like to keep this in mind when I feel like a complete idiot at work ( which I do 99% of the time, new nurse problems lol).

I have also come to the conclusion that regardless, I HAVE THE POWERto decide what kind of day I have, and really, how I deal with burdens. They may be heavy, but can be easily shared with others, written down, or expressed through exercise or art. I HAVE the POWER and CHOICE. Its easy to give away the power, sometimes you don’t notice you’re doing it. I encourage you to sit a minute and ask yourself, “What do I give power to?” Do I take responsibility for how I feel about my life? When you start feeling lost in the big sea of life, take a moment to reflect, find your power, and take hold of it. It will honestly change your life.

Lastly, I try and remember everyday that no matter how down I feel about the most recent stupid mistake I made, dumb question I asked, or decisionI made that wasn’t the best; I am blessed to take another breath, think another thought, and see another sunrise.

Cheers to taking back your POWER.

&cheers to you, sweet friend.




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