the BIG/BAD Night Shift

Hi Friends!

This post is NURSING related and me related ! A little bit of how I’ve been doing plus some tips and advice on taking on the BIG//Bad NIGHT SHIFT!So if you’re interested, I am so glad you’re here and hope this post helps you! (for those non-nursing people, I’m glad you’re here too and hope you find this interesting !)

So I have gotten through my first 5 weeks of classroom and Simulation as part of my training for the NICU! WOHOO. so exciting! I can answer questions about that if anyone has any! The StaRN program was absolutely amazing and I learned so much! On top of that, I made some amazing girlfriends that I’ll be friends with forever! It was such a memorable and enlightening experience, but I am SO ready to be on the floor!

So the big bad “night shift.” If you know me, I am such a day person. I wake up at 6 AM pretty much everyday regardless if its Monday or Saturday! You can imagine the anxiety Ive had thinking about working nights...*trust me, Ive been less than calm about it. I reached out and got some really awesome tips and advice! I swear, people are just so sweet and thoughtful! I was blown away at how many people I had reach out to me. I am working my first night shift tonight( ahhh, so EXCITED, 3.28.18). I am planning on posting this up after my first week! So I will have worked 2 nights this week! — here’s to an amazing first night shift and start of my work with the itty bitty tinnie winnies!!

Tips, Tricks, Advice, and Everything in between!

( much thanks to the amazing humans that reached out to me!):
  • Bring snacks! Light snacks, nothing to heavy!( ex: apples and PB, protein bars, cereal, trail mix, assorted nuts, greek yogurt)
  • Sleep until 1 or 2, do errands, workout, dinner, then head to work!
  • Wait until 2 ish to have something to eat so it lasts you ( usually the lull hits youaround 2-5 ish, so the snack will wake you up!)
  • I slept normally the night before! I went to bed a little bit later.. and slept in a little longer but nothing drastic! I plan on taking a nap between 2-4, eating dinner around 5 ish and heading into work around 1750-1800( I have to clock in my 1838) <– I got this advice from a fellow nursing grad from school who is also an early riser!This seemed to work better for her opposed to staying up all night! (since she wakes up early, she ended up waking up early still but got less sleep from staying up all night lol).
  • To adjust to normal life, wake up the next day around 2.. and do your normal day, and go to bed at your normal time. The next day you wake up and live like a normal human!
  • WORK 3 in ROW if you can! Its way easier on the body; you’re not flipping back and forth so often!
  • CAFFINEE issa QUEEN.., pretty much everyone who reached out to me mentioned caffeine whether it be different types of tea, or coffee! some of my friends have little expresso shots they drink! I also had a friend in nursing school who took caffeine pills because coffee irritated her stomach! ( and the caffeine was a necessary haha) Honestly, you have to have this in moderation, but as a nurse working nights, I feel like this will be a challenge!

Side note: I drank a lot of coffee during nursing school!.. I have done better since I graduated trying to limit to only 1 cup a day! ( to be real with yall, I may have to do 2 again, but I’m trying to keep myself under control!) 

  • H2O!!yall, drinking lots of water is so important to keep your skin, and insides feeling good. This is something I struggle with a TON! I am trying to at least drink 1-2 20 oz bottles a shift! ( ps: tiny bladder probs, so this is a ton for me haha, you may need more.. this is just my personal goal!)


well, I MADE IT!

First week of night shifts!!  I had no idea what to expect or how my body would react to this huge change in schedule, so needless to say I was preparing for the worst.. falling asleep at work, or worse driving home in the morning. I felt really apprehensive but after my first couple of shifts, I FELT SO MUCH BETTER! I never really felt like falling asleep because I’m literally crazy busy, learning, and doing, and soaking everything in! The NICU is a crazy place with lots of going on! Babies are cute, but sure a ton of work! Especially since they are all pretty sick. (poor things, breaks my heart!) I feel really lucky to get the opportunity to help them get better and go home.. best feeling in the world:)

SO verdict is in. I think I’ll live to see lots and lots more night shifts! My preceptor is one of kind, she has so much knowledge and experience so these next 12 ish weeks will be full of info! I cannot wait to go back next week! *(working my first 3 in row on nights… prayers appreciated haha)



ps: if you have any questions feel free to message me on our Instagram page! Linked on our home page!


dress: forever 21

Purse +purse strap: Marc Jacobs


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  1. Such a cool post, you’re going to make the BEST nurse! Also you look beautiful in those pictures..

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    1. Thank you so much! That means so much !❤️

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