Its has been a crazy past few weeks friends! Moving into our first apartment, starting work, and adjusting to living the “city life”..(traffic is the worst am I right?!).

Although change isn’t my most favorite thing in the world, I am trying to embrace it with grace by being present in the moments. Jessie and I were talking the other day( sitting on our floor …our sofa has yet to arrive…) about how important it is to embrace everydaythe good and bad; the moment we are in, we will never have back again. CRAZY, but absolutely so true. We will never be young 23 year olds, sitting on our floor eating dinner, listening to sirens and trains, figuring out this “adulting thing” again.

This conversation completely transformed my attitudeabout my daily routine and the scary changes I am dealing with. Instead of thinking of today as “the same ole same ole,” or ” just another frustrating change,” I started thinking “this is a special day, a day I wont have back again.” Although I’ve only been a working person for basically less than a month I already see how easy it can be to get into a routine and forget to treasure the moments. So all in all, the road has been bumpy, but I have been trying to roll with the punches and take in all the moments! I sit here with jessie next to me, we both are talking about how amazing the future looks and how lucky we are to be here together. RANDOM note: IT IS AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL being a twin ❤ its basically like having a piece of magic in a human ❤ … anywaysssss ….

I have been really working hard these past weeks with my new amazing cohort of NICU girls! We have really learned so much in such a short time while still have about 2 more weeks till we start on our floors! I will share lots more about my work experience in a coming blog post:) Just know, I am sooo loving every minute and feel so blessed to have amazing fellow nurses and instructors! (literally has been a perfect start to my next adventure as a REAL nurse)!! It never gets old; gosh what an amazing profession I am in. So thankful for the countless opportunies I will soon have to make differences in so many lives.

Jessie and I have loved loved decorating our new apartment! We have some peices in and some on their way!… Lots of fun content coming soon once we get a few more of the items we have purchased in!

oh  random thought, ALTERED CARBON? Friggin lit!! anyone else watch this show? if not I totally suggest it for any loveers of syfi ! it’s mind blowing! … 10/10 recommend! 

That is all for today! I am feeling super refreshed and ready to start this next week of learning! I hope everyone has a super productive week! Feel free to reach out with questions or comments about anything and everything!



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