Dreamy Day Dates

Lovelies! I wanted to write this blog post because I have just come off of such a fun weekend with my boo! I also got some feedback from yall about wanting to hear about some of our favorite day date spots! Ughh so where do I start!!!

So Alec is so so sweet and always wants to take me out to do fun, adventurous things. I can be kind of a “home body” at times, so sometimes it takes some convincing; nevertheless, I am always so happy after we get home from whatever we ended up doing!

Alec and I have been together since highschool ahh! Long time, I KNOW.. but honestly, feels like the years have flown by! We always have the best time together, and discover new things about each other everyday. I think finding fun places to go, and new spots to adventure to really helps keep our relationship feeling “new”. ANYWAYYS… here are some of my favorite day dates that Alec and I have gone on! I hope these can be some inspiration to you when it comes to planning your next DAY DATE.

  1.  One of my absolute FAVORITE day dates has to be when Alec and I went to the botanical gardens in Fort Worth! There is so much to see, lots to talk about, and some really gorgeous scenery to photograph(if you’re into that!) Not going to lie, Alec was skeptical at first about going, but honestly, we both had a really fun time! It was stunning to see all the landscaping and different varieties of plants. Plus, we got to talk, and spend quality time together! So.. if you know of any type of outdoor exhibit around where you live, TRY IT, and if you don’t maybe do some research and see whats around where you are!
  2. Okay, so this was so spontaneous, but once I drove to College Station(still a college girl haha), and Alec was like”GUESS WHAT?!.. pack up were taking a day trip to Austin.” It was so cute and fun. I, of course, was less than enthused being surprised out of the blue like that… but IT WAS AMAZING. We jammed out to music the whole way there and even made a pit stop to get snacks:)) We ended up doing a really mini hike up to view the Austin 360 Bridge ( Pennybacker Bridge)! Ep, It was totally fun! We also went to the outlet mall there and walked around! There are some really fun shopping areas and we ate at this amazing restaurant called Flowerchild!(I’ve linked their website here)—->http://www.iamaflowerchild.com/?utm_source=reachlocal&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=semflowerchildaustintxfebmar2018&scid=3635735&cid=2453863&tc=1802060854064328&rl_key=b65c56ced7ed863b03c2391f0dc30fbc&kw=27889446:887&pub_cr_id=248706660441&dynamic_proxy=1&primary_serv=www.iamaflowerchild.com&rl_track_landing_pages=1&rl_retarget_none=64_298287_1|64_303975_1|64_305233_1|64_30641
  3. This one is probably my very favorite. I love love going on afternoon walks with Alec. Its possibly the best feeling in the whole world. Alec and I together, the world quiet. Life gets so crazy and busy, sometimes its nice to leave your phones at home, and just enjoy each other’s company.
  4. MUSEUMS ! friends, these are always a fun day date option! Whether it be art, history, or a mixture of both you really cant go wrong with this day date venue! Grabbing a bite to eat, hanging out, discussing whatever you chose to go see is really exciting! I loved when Alec took me downtown to the Houston Art museum! They had a few special exhibits going on; this amazing light room that I was dying to see plus some other really cool ones! We didn’t even make it around the whole museum because there was so much to see and talk about!

There are lots of other fun things that Alec and I love to do during the day! We love finding new places to explore whether that be a new shopping center, restaurant, or coffee shop! Your day dates don’t have to be super expensive, its all about quality time you get to spend with your loved one! I found the common thread to be the amazing conversations we have had, the laughs shared, and the frustrations( like finding parking, or missing the exit, guys I am terrible with directions ughh working on it though … haha)

Anyways, I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this one. Its rather casual , but I enjoy sharing tid bits with you all about my life. Let me know what kind of fun day dates you have been on? Id love some new places/ideas!




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