5 Valentines Gifts worth giving

Hi friends, sooo I wanted to do a little twist on Valentines Day gift ideas for your significant other…. I know there’s the typically cologne, flowers, bottle of nice wine sort of posts, but this one is a little different. When it comes to gifts on Vday I often find myself struggling on what to get, being original, and finding something I truly feel proud to give. As February rolls around this 2018, I found myself in a different space about “gifts,” and decided to sit down and just… write. With that being said:

ps: outfit details listed below!

These are my top 5must give gifts this Valentines Day

1.Patience — As the famous quote goes, “patience is a virtue..” & boy IT IS! If you’re in any type of relationship, I know you feel this on a spiritual level. Living life with your person can get tough, and lots of time we are quick to anger, saying things we don’t mean: basically losing patience. Take Valentines Day to remind yourself to be patient with your significant other… in the end we are all human, make mistakes, say things we don’t mean, forget to do that one thing you were asked to do. Re- find patience.

2. Time-– HUGE. In life, and in love. I think so many of us live life in the fast line( I am so guilty of this), we sometimes forget one of the friggin best gifts to give and receive; TIME. Taking that extra 2 minutes to send a “good morning honey, have a great day, ill be thinking of you” text, or taking that extra 15 seconds to kiss your person goodbye before running off to work ! Ive learned it’s those extra little 15 seconds or 2 minutes that make the biggest difference and mean the most when it comes to relationships of all kinds.

3. Forgiveness— Out of all the gifts to give this one may be the toughest. It is not easy to forgive wrongs done to you HELLO FEELINGS. Lets face it, if you’re in a committed relationship you basically signed up for the occasional tiff, the forgotten anniversary, the stupid comment at dinner…. forgive. Life is too short to hold grudges or be angry. Gosh, its so much energy! Talk it out, work through it, and( my favorite part) of course kiss and makeup; REMEMBER you’re in LOVE. Always with the kisses 🙂

4. A kind word— Yall, I remember once at dinner Alec and I were finishing up and he said, ” hey babe..” face lit up, biggest smile…” I loveeee the fake lashes tonight, you look so pretty.” OKAY cute right?! but I wasn’t wearing any that night… which made the whole thing hilarious,, But it made me feel so good! A sweet compliment when I least expected it about something small and important to me. Kind words, compliments, words of encouragement NEVER go out of style.

5. HOOKING Y’ALL UP with this one( this is a MATERIALIST gift I just had to share with y’all because its amazing and super thoughtful)….

https://lovebookonline.com/  <—– FRIENDS. This is an amazing website where you can create your own “love” book. It has cute characters and is so fun to put together! So original and really romantic! Check it out!

TOP it off with a sweet love note!… always so nice to get something hand written and from the heart. 10/10 Recommend.


Dress: this one is actually vintage from my moms closet, but I have linked similar ones below!



Top: Urban (similar not the same.. older pieces)


Shoes: Lamoda (similar not the same! they are no longer on the website)



2 responses to “5 Valentines Gifts worth giving”

  1. Why do I feel like “forgotten anniversaries” is a direct shot at me..
    I know how much you love the eyelash compliments, they’re your favorite. I love you! Also you look fine in that dress, wow.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hugs cause I just love you! also.. im guilty of forgetting tooooo so were even ;P

      Liked by 1 person

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