A look at 2017

Wow. It has been a whole year of growth, blessings, lows, highs, and everything in between.

First of all, you all have been so wonderful! Jessie and I are so happy to have people to connect with and share our adventures with! We really want 2018 to be heavily dedicated to you all, and to our blog Rubylemongirls. We are finally going to be in Houston together and hope to really put our heads together to provide some really awesome and creative content! We would love to hear what kinds of topics youd like us to cover in 2018, whether that be makeup, fashion, lifestyle, decorating, recipes!.. We want to give you guys some fun stuff this year!

This year I finished my BSN, and graduated from the most amazing school in the whole world TCU! Harris College of Nursing is an amazing place; I am so thankful for my time spent there learning and growing as a student nurse! It truly feel so thankful and blessed that my parents were able to make sacrifices so I could have that opportunity! I 10/10 recommend TCU in general, but especially if youre interested in acquiring your BSN! The professors are wonderful, the curriculum is tough BUT you really know your stuff by the end. I can honestly say I grew so much in the past 2.5 years because of the experiences TCU nursing provided for me.

2017 taught me that hard work gets you amazing results & Life is short, so live everyday like its your last. This past year has been one of the toughest in regards to school, relationships, and transitions. I had to deal with rejections from jobs, stress of interviews, and anxiety about change! It was a year of learning to manage these feelings and be productive regardless.  I learned to manage my stress and anxiety through thoughtful journaling, and incorporating “me time,” into my day.  Having strategies to deal with extreme emotions will free you in so many ways, so I encourage you to experiment and find things that relax you, or make you happy! Life is too short to spend your days upset, sad, or frustrated.

I am so so excited to start the next phase of my life as a graduate nurse! I have NCLEX in the coming weeks, so I have been preparing a little each day! Some days I look over at my degree and think, “wow, I did that…” its crazy because sometimes it doesn’t seem real..! I am still getting used to the idea of “adulthood” and all the responsibilities that come with it, but with each passing week I get more comfortable with it. I am definitely in a transition phase of my life which is unnerving ,BUT also very exciting! I know 2018 will be a year of lots of firsts, mistakes, lessons learned, but hey, I am ready to take on the challenges and the adventures!

I truly had an amazing 2017, graduating, moving home, celebrating 6 years of love with my amazing man, and learning more about myself! I made some amazing friends in nursing school( y’all know who you are) that I will forever stay in touch with. Family forever. I grew closer with my sisters, my mom and dad, and continue to nurture my relationship with Jesus<3. I hope to become more patient, kind, compassionate, and understanding in 2018, and really serve all my patients to the best of my abilities. I am so excited to be with Jessie again,, and to truly invest more in Rubylemongirls! Its been such a fun year; I know 2018 will be one for the books! Cheers to you. I hope today finds you with positive energy and happy vibes as the new year approaches! Sending much love..



Jessie here! Wow I cant believe how much has changed this year! It’s been a crazy busy year full of so many changes and memorable events. Some of my favorite memories include: my 22nd birthday, spring break cruising, graduating from TCU with a degree in Interior Design, starting my first job at PGAL, celebrating my year and a half anniversary with my sweetie, and getting to celebrate the graduation of Rach! I am so exited to have her back in Houston with me…we are already apartment searching and I cant wait to see where we end up! There are so many options in Houston and finding the right “first’ place is super important to us!

I feel so grateful for all of the amazing people that have supported and loved me this past year with all of the changes, moves, transitions to adulthood, and much much more. My parents have been here for me the entire way, and I truly feel blessed to have a mom and dad that care so much. My mom even wakes up with me every morning to send me off by 6:00 am as I travel down to Houston. Its so sweet of her to support me during this time in my life, I couldn’t do it with out her. Best mom ever am I right?!


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