Fashion 411: Date Night

Hi friends! We have gotten some great feedback on doing this blog post. What to wear on date night! This topic is such a great one because it can be such an ordeal figuring out what to wear … something that makes you feel beautiful and fits the type of “date night” your going on! Jess and I are here to help you out! We have some fun ideas to share with you all whether that be more causal, or a bit on the fancier side! Combinations below babes!!


Dress: Nordstrom (link below!)

Boots: Macy’s

Hoop earrings: Urban Outfitters

Alec and I on a fun casual date... this seems like forever ago!..  We actually went to this super fun “make your own tea” place… Alec took me because he knows how much I like it… I got laughs at how cute he was trying to pick out something there to drink.

I am wearing cute flare jeans and a light sweater with my super fun pumps!

Rachael’s Fit:

Jeans: Nordstrom

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

White chunky platforms: Lamoda

Alec’s Fit:

Jean shorts: yalll… I am dead serious, Alec had jeans that were too short for him so he cute these himself:) I think the jeans were from pac sun though!

Grey t-shirt: Old Navy

Shoes: grey ultra boosts

Jessie and Stephen were at a tailgate in this photo! This outfit combo could be considered a bit more dressy! But you could dress it down with different shoes!

Jessie’s Fit:

Black dress: Urban outfitters

Black thigh highs: Jeffery Campbell

Stephen’s Fit:

Shirt and khakis are both from Jcrew ( such a trendy place to shop for guys too !! There are so many cute options there!)

Alec’s Fit:


Plaid shirt: Jcrew on SALE so I am not sure if its still there, but again, there are so many cute plaids out right now for guys!

White undershirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Jcrew

Rachael’s Fit:

Off the shoulder white: Forever21

Jean skirt: Free people ( this style skirt comes in so many colors! Check the link below!)

Star Tights: urban outfitters

Here are a few other fun date night outfit ideas!

I hope this gives yall some fun ideas for date nights! … Primarily it’s all about what you feel the best in! Wear something you feel confident and beautiful in! Confidence really does radiate, and if you aren’t feeling confident its easy to tell! So ladies, wear your favorite lipstick, dress in what you FEEL best in and be yourself!




2 responses to “Fashion 411: Date Night”

  1. you and your boyfriend are so cute and so photogenic, I love it.

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    1. aw!! thanks so much!! youre so sweet!

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