Hey guys! So this week has been crazy as in  my last week of nursing school! AKA: I have had so many projects, presentations, and finals but Its finally coming to a close(I will FINALLY be able to devote more time to sharing on rubylemongirls which I am so thrilled about)! YAY never thought i would make it to be honest, but here I am! The lord is so good…. I have lots to be thankful for!

Jessie and I are excited to talk about our favorite holiday outfit ideas! There are so many different routes to take when it comes to dressing up for the holidays. There is always the classic ” holiday dress,” but there are some other really fun ways to look classic and fun this holiday season!

How do you guys feel about jumpsuits? they have so many cute ones right now at urban outfitters! Totally holiday vibes and unique! Check out a few below!!

UO Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Hem Polka Dot Jumpsuit

UO Jackson Velvet Tube Jumpsuit

UO Emmabella Velvet Straight-Neck Jumpsuit

All super fun and cute! These are medium to upper on the cost side… but well worth the purchase and can be worn and dressed up multiple ways! You can pair with jean jackets, neck ties, and fun belts! Accessories can really make a difference in what look you’re going for!

We also super love holiday dresses, OF COURSE! you can really never go wrong! We have some really cute inexpensive options below! Check it out!! Sparkles are so in, and so is velvet! You can pair with a plush jacket, tights, or both!

50 $ from Sabo Skirt!

40 $ from sabo skirt! yall look at this color! stunning! pair with a plush jacket! and scarf! so cute!


Light Up the Night Lavender Sequin Shift Dress 1 From Lulus for 54$…. love the sparkles! so festive. A pair of black thigh high boots and sweater would be perfect together!


47 $ at Lulus! these sleeves though! super fun! you could do a fun tight with this! and maybe some sparkle booties?!


So jackets…. there are some really cute plush, faux fur items out right now that Jessie and I so so love!!! ah hoping to get a few for Christmas! Some can be rather expensive so we have tried to look at some cheaper ones, but that still uphold a high standard in look and comfort!

Marian Cream Faux Fur Jacket 2 for 69 $ at Lulus!

49.90 at Forever 21! Totally coming in clutch! so cute and inexpensive really for such a nice jacket!

44.90 from Forever 21!!

Also comes in Mauve color and for only 27.90! Jessie and I love love this color!! so versatile and will keep you so warm !

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, one of my personal favorites from Forever 21!!

for only 39.90! What A FRICKIN steal guys! I love this 70’s vibe.. and the sleeves are just too cute!!


Alrightyyy babes, that’s all I have for you today! I hope this gives you some inspo for your own holiday shopping! There are so many options out there really… so get your shop on…. or maybe put some of these items on your Christmas list since its right around the corner! Talk to you soon friends…




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