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Hi friends! Rachael happy & here & excited to share some time and love with you all! I wanted to reach out and say hello and talk with you guys about dealing with anxiety and stress! I know for me, with jobs, school, and the craziness of this last semester I tend to get bombarded by negative energy… So what do I do?! How do I keep in check.

SPOILER ALERT : I DON’T ALWAYS keep it in check :(… I have bad days and you know what? that’s OK. Its okay to have bad days. I just make sure to keep it to that day and not let it completely ruin my week … or spread into other areas of my life ( which can be a lot harder said than done, but its a work in progress).

Little pre note: I have always been a worrier/ anxiety has always been a nasty little monster in my life. Learning to live with these feelings regardless of if they happen to be anxiety or stress( it could depression or even phobias of certain things) I know life is too short to let those feelings own the way I live life. I want to be control of my day. I don’t want certain feelings dictating my daily routine or running my life.

Not everyone is the same, so the way I tackle stress may not work for you( I would love to hear some ways you all deal with overwhelming feelings of any kind; I love finding new methods and strategies) but I wanted to use this space to express this part of my life.

I have found that there is so much power in staying ahead of these feelings and acknowledging them right when you feel them coming on. I like to think of those feelings as balls of energy. So the less energy I supply to them the quicker they will fade, and die out. Soooo, when i start feeling nervous or anxious i acknowledge the feeling and then put my energy toward something positive likeeee, how pretty the day is or how blessed I am to have a loving family. It could be anything friends, like the bomb lipstick color you’re rocking that day, or wearing your favorite pair of shoes! It’s really easy to let the negative energy grow and fester if you let it… but good news is WE HAVE THE POWER. We can literally control these thoughts and get rid of them for good!

By no means is it easy so I like to do other things too to lift my spirits! I like to light candles at night, use essential oils like lavender, rose, or thyme. I like to go on walks after dinner and I love keeping my schedule organized ( i find this keep my mind from running wild when its time to sleep!)…. Have that extra cup of coffee, or go bake something for a friend… My point is, find things you like to do, or things that make you happy and do them more often for yourself, YOU deserve it.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you all with a little something my boyfriend has been reminding me as of lately “Rachael, if it’s not gonna stress you out in a year,” he says,” you shouldn’t let it stress you at all, life’s too short<3″… hate when he’s right.





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