Blooms for you Friends.

Hi babes! So happy to be writing to you all again. This summer has been super busy! lots of things going on and my externship as a nurse extern really kept me busy! I wanted to share with you all some of the things I learned from my time at the hospital… it really was an amazing experience and I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and learn this summer from some amazing colleagues and patients…. anyways,, I hope that you all who choose to read this find some helpful advice, or possibly a new perspective on life, or heck… maybe just a nice little read on this Tuesday night:)


  1. LIFE is precious. So many people take health for granted… just being able to walk down the street, or speak, or breath with out help. I spent everyday with people pretty sick, sad even. For example, walking down the hall 50 ft and back to their room was like GOLDEN. literally, we would celebrate as staff( so fun) SO whats the point??—>YOU MATTER, and you are here for a reason, appreciate the body you have, the good health you are blessed with, and the love and support that surround you. 
  2. Family and Friends are treasures. I think one of the saddest parts of being at the hospital was taking care of patients that didn’t have family or friends the entire time they were there.  We all see family and friends as normal parts of our lives… but I am here to remind you they are TREASURES.
  3. Kindness and hard work don’t go unnoticed. Not going to lie to you all, nursing is freaking hard work. I got there at 6:15 every morning and didnt leave until after 7 pm. I cleaned and walked patients, charted, learned, did skills(IVs, foleys, ect) the list is endless really and it is exhausting. Then there is the emotional part working with patients…  supporting, and encouraging, and acknowledging each and every person you take care of including family and friends of the patient. I remember one day, specifically I was so busy, run ragged actually… and a nurse co worker came up and told me a family had told her how much they appreciated all I did for them… WOW. I didn’t even think this particular family even took notice in me. Moral of the story, always work hard: go the extra mile, and always be kind because it makes a difference.
  4. Life isn’t always fair, so BE THANKFUL for the one you have. The reality is life is messy, unfair, unjust, downright cruel to some… honestly life sucks sometimes.  I was truly humbled by what I saw, the people I met, the stories, the work I did. I love that nursing is a service. I love being there by people through a tough time in their journey… to help support them and see them to a better state of health, and mind. It just makes you so very thankful for all you have. Your education, your mental well being, your being in this world. I found myself waking up felling so deeply grateful for, seriously, just waking up and having a warm breakfast to eat:)) and it changed my attitude about living… about myself…. Be thankful friends. It will change your life.
  5. Attitude matters. Yes healthcare is serious. Being a nurse is serious. Life can be serious. But don’t forget to bring happiness along with you through whatever  door you’re entering.. whether that be the door into a new job, a classroom,  or a patient’s room. BE happy. CHOOSE happiness friends. I promise it will make your day more lovely, and even more importantly make the world a tad lovelier too….

PS: this is the only picture I had of me in my scrubs haha… and it was my first day!

Well those 5 things are not nearly all I learned, but some of the important things I did take away from my summer of growing. I really encourage all you nursing majors out there to try and get an externship or tech job of some sort. Not only does it help get you used to how units operate and transition into being an RN, but it teaches you the importance of teamwork. Everyone on the floor matters… the kitchen staff, the housekeeping, the techs, the transporters. Understand their part, understand the need for every level of employee to the success of the day.

And for all of you reading this that aren’t in the healthcare profession, I hope you can take these little blooms( <– what i call my revelations//lessons//pieces of knowledge i pick up along the way of living hehe) and store them away and let them flourish and make your life beautiful.





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  1. So proud of you, Rachael! 😍

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