Hi friends! Jessie here. Just wanted to say hello and give you all a little life update after a busy couple of months! All in the past 4 months I have accepted my first big girl job offer, graduated college, and moved back to Houston to begin the next chapter of my life. I officially start my first day at international design firm, PGAL, on June 12th of 2017, and I am so excited, nervous, a bit scared, but so ready to begin this next chapter. It seems like it was just yesterday I was packing my bags, and moving to Fort Worth, Texas to begin my college journey at TCU. Graduating in May was so surreal and bittersweet, and it was everything I thought it was going to be and more. My family made the day so special, and my best friend Erin even made it up to Fort Worth to celebrate with me! Also, my boyfriend was able to attend which was so nice, because he was super busy finishing up his semester at OU. He is the coolest. The entire weekend was so fun, I got to present my Senior Thesis Project at our Interior Design Senior Exhibition which was so rewarding. We went to Blue Sushi that evening for dinner and drinks, which was so fun. The next day everyone attended the Graduation ceremony and I received my degree of a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Cum Laude. It was a crazy four years, but I am so grateful for all the memories and friends I have made along the way. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. The weekend was one for the books, and I feel so blessed I was able to attend such an esteemed University thanks to the support from my amazing and truly selfless parents. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I hope to make them proud as I begin my journey as an interior designer in the cooperate world.  

Right now, I plan to gain experience in my field of work and taking in as much knowledge as I can while working for such a large firm. I will be working on a range of different types and sizes of projects, which will be great for developing myself as a designer. In the next couple years, I hope to take my exams and become a registered Interior Designer, as well as, receive my Certified Revit Professional certificate. I have several little milestones and goals I have set for myself, and I intend on doing both of those things in the near future. Eventually down the road, who knows, I have lots of big ideas and dreams…I can’t wait to see where life takes me.

Anyways, moving out of my apartment was sad, but I am happy to be back in Houston with my family and in a familiar environment. I will be living at home for the first 6 or so months, while Rach is finishing up nursing school in Fort Worth. We will begin to apartment hunt in the next couple of months, which we are so excited about! Hoping Rach ends up working in the Medical Center in downtown Houston, because we would be working about 20 minutes from each other! So, finding an apartment in the middle of our work places would be totally doable. I am going to miss her like crazy when we are apart, but am looking forward to all the new memories we will get to make next year in Houston (Crossing my fingers the Dallas hospitals don’t steal her away from me haha). But anyways, that is sort of the short term plan we have going for ourselves! I will live at home while Rach is still in Fort Worth, then once she is done we will move in the first of the year to our own apartment in the uptown Houston area. This way I can save some money up and get us all organized for our adventures in 2018!  

The reality is, having to be a college student in search of a job and constantly worrying about grades and studying, put a serious time constraint on how much energy I could put in the blog. I know there were lots of times where it seemed like we kind of disappeared for a little bit, and that was because school work and job hunting was a serious priority that we had to put first. We really do appreciate all of those who stuck with us, and supported us even when things on the blog got a bit slow. However, Post-Grad life means that I will be able to dedicate much more of my time and energy to the blog and developing more content for you all. I am so excited to begin taking the blog to the next level, and like we have said before we have so many plans, ideas, and dreams for our blog and really hope to make it a full-time job one day. We truly do believe in our blog and want to reach out and help as many people as possible. Rach will still be adding content while she finishes up school, but also will be able to dedicate more time when she graduates which she is super excited about.




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