Summer skin&hair tips

Hey friends! Jess and I are super excited to share some of our beauty routine with you all! We have found these certain products to do wonders for us, and hope you maybe consider giving them a try!

So during the summer months Jessie and I like to really nurture our skin and hair,, it gets busy during the semesters at university … and this part of our routine tends to go by the way side! ( definitely no good:() Anyyyways,, we love these products to help fix any damage hair, dry/oily skin, and any other issues we have coming off a super stressful year of school!

So this couplet of products is from Clinique ! The first smaller bottle is a moisturizing lotion, the second is the clarifying /drying lotion, and the third is the facial soap! Jessie and I like to use the facial soap to get rid of any bacteria or makeup in the shower! We then apply the drying lotion to any oily parts of our skin!… If you have oily skin this stuff works wonders! If you have dry skin ( like me during the summer, I tend to use the moisturizing lotion on my trouble spots!). I go back and forth between these products depending on whats going on with my skin! ( I tend to be more of a dry skin gal, but occasionally during the semester i can get oily ,, most likely due to stress and other factors!)


The second product I want to talk about is the Cocooil from urban outfitters. GUYS, this stuff is amazing,, it really moisturizes your hair and can give you that ocean wavy vibe hairstyle within minutes! Its actually amazing and Jessie and I recommend 10/10 ! Its more a recent product we purchased and started using, and it really is a life changer! I have placed the link below!! only 15$ guys!!!



Next, We have one of our favorite facial and body mists: Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. This has been a miracle worker in keeping our skin hydrated and healthy! Since using this product, both Jess and i have noticed a decrease in the amount of pimples especially during times of stress! This is one of those would recommend 10/10 products:)

link here:


The final and last product that has been such a helpful thing for us is the lip scrub by frankbody! This stuff works like a charm to get rid of dead skin on your lips ! I put on, and rub in about 5-7 min before i get in the shower! then once im in i just wash it off! I moisturize my lips after i get out of the shower with my EoS lip balm(favorite ever) and after a few days my lips feel amazing! Its annoying when you’re trying to apply flawless lip stick with dead skin on your lipsss(aghhh its the worst lol). Link below! Also the ingredients are super natural which we absolutely love!

Lip scrub:

Hope these help yall with your skin routine at home! We will go more in dept into our other methods of keeping our skin healthy! ( we may even go into how to reduce acne, and even how we deal with it when it comes along…. it always seems to at some point hehe!

Hope you all are having a lovely afternoon! XO,






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