This One’s for the Boys…..

Hey friends!!… So today Jessie and I decided to reach out to our male followers as well as our girls per usual ( in regards to boyfriends, brothers, ect.)! Sometimes its hard to get your man to dress the part… or to develop any kind of style( boys are just ahhh sometimes haha so frustrating when it comes to clothing). So we are dedicating this post to giving yall some tips in regards to shopping with your boyfriend, helping him to develop his own style, and giving some ideas on clothing ideas for certain occasions!

To our GIRLS: on shopping with your guy.. if youre a guy skip down a bit more 🙂

So first tip: DON’T be too controlling. When you shop with your boyfriend or significant other its important to listen to them, and key in on different items they like! You can then interject your own ideas about what you think would look best on them and work from there. You never want to take away your person’s style and replace with your own; rather, incorporate both ideas and come up with a solid style that looks great and your significant other feels cute in!!<— so important!!

2: Take your partner somewhere they don’t normally shop! BOYS get comfortable. They will shop at the same stores they’ve always shopped at till they die…. haha, so try and bring them to new places and show them what else is out there!

3: When planning a shopping day, keep it rather short. Most guys( not all..) dont have a lot of patience when it comes to shopping, so limit the trip to 2 hours or so!

4: If there is an event that you want your partner to dress for, tell them! Give them an idea of what you expect so that he or she can shop accordingly if you cant tag along! The more direction, THE BETTER.

5: GIFTS: giving clothes, watches, shoes as gifts on holidays or anniversaries can really help guide your partner in the right direction when it comes to styling. Some guys it comes naturally, and others it doesn’t… figure out what your guy is( you may already know) and go from there!


So some places that our boyfriends shop/ where they find certain pieces include:

Pac sun( they have a great jean selection, different styles, fits, and colors).

This sounds funny… but old navy has great plain tshirts that look great with jeans or shorts! and its cheap there! you just have to take the time to look!

JCREW always has super cute clothes for guys… a little more on the dressy side and definitely more pricey… a lot of times they have student discounts!.. so that helps!

Urban Outfitters is tougher,,, . you’ll be able to tell real quick if you’re into that style of clothes or not! They tend to have a lot of Adidas, champion brands that my boyfriend likes quite a lot!

H&M and forever21 is kind of hit or miss but can have some real gems ! Id suggest going with your girl to these places, just because it can be tougher to find things depending on what your looking for! Sometimes the clothes can look kind of cheap if you don’t pick the right items!

SHOES: OKAY so Ive learned shoes are a very touchy item. Guys, y’all are pretty specific about what shoes you want/where they are from/who makes them. Id leave shoes up to you to shop for or tell your girlfriend specifically what you want before hand if you want shoes as a gift <— for tips on shoe purchases/ finding deals… you can message @alec.bridges on instagram he will hook you up hehe)


Over all, shopping for your guy, or with your guy can be frustrating and it can be hard for you as the guy to pick things out. Hopefully this post gives some insight into the best way to shop and how to develop your own personal style:)


Thanks beautiful people and hope yall enjoy this post! XO,,



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