Oh so fun, graduation weekend

Hey friends! So graduation weekend has come to a close and what an amazing weekend it was! Jessie was beautiful! Sharing her cap details in this post as well as our outfit details! Super excited to share the amazing photos from this weekend with you all!


Jessie and I had Erin our bestie in town, Stephen her boyfriend, and my boyfriend Alec as well as my parents and our younger sisters! We stayed at a hotel around TCU campus and went to 2 lovely dinners( the social house and Blue Sushi<– both restaurants here in the fort worth area)! Feeling so lucky and blessed to have such amazingly generous parents!.. The whole weekend went by in a blur but it was just perfect in every way. I am incredibly proud of Jessie for her achievements and hard work these past four years. She is beautiful, creative, and I cannot wait to see all the opportunities presented to her in the next few years! For anyone wondering, I am graduating this fall and intend on moving back to Houston and back with Jessie( this coming semester will be our first apart! ahhh kind of nervous but i know its going to be good for both of us!)

Here are the outfit details babes! and some photos of Jessie’s graduation cap!( we love crafting… hoping to share more details on how we put the cap together in another post). That is all for now!XO,,


Jessie Dress: For love and lemons 

Shoes: Betsey Johnson( originally 130.. got for 70$ WHAT a steal!)


Rachael’s Dress: urban outfitters

Shoes: Dillards

Neck tie: urban outfitters

Earrings: Top shop

Watch: Anne Klein ( my moms vintage so not sure if they sell this exact one anymore but they definitely have some similar looking watches)



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