INSIDER ALERT: Nursing School

Just thinking about how amazingly fast this semester flew by! Jessie and I finished up our semesters today(classes at least… the FINALS still loom for me but shes about finished up!) We have had some super fun times, growing up together these past four years. I am excited to be wrapping up my senior 1 semester of nursing school .. guys,, I SEE the light. I never thought Id get here… though there were many obstacles, long nights, early early ( I’m talking 445 am early) mornings, I found this semester to be particularly rewarding. i learned so much from my professors about life and the value of kindness, presence, and determination.

I wanted to dedicate this post to let y’all get to know me: Rachael, a bit more. I wanted to share with you all some of the ups and downs of this semester in regards to my major and if anyone has any questions about nursing as a major feel free to shoot me a message or email… Id love to help!!

For those who don’t know I am a nursing student … senior 1 so i graduate in December WOHOO.. this will be by far my greatest accomplishment.. lots of tears, hard work, and focus has gone into my degree. Nursing is not easy by any means… a lot harder than what most people think.. and not at all what I expected when I chose it my freshmen year…. So here it goes:

Not going to lie to you guys, this semester has been the toughest class wise. I found myself particularly pushed outside my comfort zone in clinical and simulation lab.. and my courses were TOUGH ( adult 2 which is critical care stuff and Family concepts– which include both pediatric and maternity content). Its hard not to get discouraged when you study for weeks, countless hours a day, never sleep, and then not get the grade you wanted… talking with my classmates this seems to be a constant theme and struggle among us all. It sucks. I am quite hard on myself( as are my classmates.. must be a nursing thing hehe) so its hard to find the positive and keep yourself motivated to keep going at times.. Ive found through positive self talk, journaling, and a strong support system, you can battle and survive the lowest of lows. SO hang in there if you’re feeling defeated.. we have all been there i promise and you will survive!


Here are some of my main takeaways from this semester:

  1. GRADES matter, but don’t define you: As my sweet boyfriend reminds me weekly, B’s are okay.. especially since you’re giving it your all, keep going. This is so hard.. the perfectionist in me just hates seeing a “B” instead of an “A”…. I have to remind myself that a B isn’t going to make me a bad nurse.. and Im not a perfect person… there is always room for improvement.
  2. LIFE is beautiful: Guys, I got to assist in delivering a little life into the world…. how beautiful is that?!! well let me tell you I about cried.
  3. Growth is measured in difficulties: UGHH i got so frustrated with myself at times in clinical missing a detail here and there… my professors questioning me and not having an answer right away.. but at the end you know what? I didn’t miss the details and I had the answers. Difficulties helped me grow. \
  4. You cant take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself: I am on a continuous journey of learning how to love myself and keep myself healthy physically and mentally. sleep is  key. food is key. accepting yourself, flaws and all will set you free. practice self love everyday.
  5. Friends are family: my nursing buddies.. gosh if any of you guys are reading this I owe so much to you. Nursing school should really be called nursing family. Without them I don’t know where Id be. Make friends with your nursing family… they are the only ones that truly “get it.”
  6. On interviews: ASK exactly where you’re reporting to: So, first interview ever for a nurse externship I went to the wrong HR(there were two.. i was unaware).. showed up 2 hours late …. guess i killed the interview cause I got the JOB YAYY GO ME.. but still ,, guys I have never been so embarrassed. ASK to be sure.
  7. I LOVE NURSING: the ups the manyyy downs, and everything in between has shown me how much I love my major.. I love that I get to advocate for my patients, support them in times of trial, rejoice in the triumphs, and learn from each patient encounter.
  8. Never give up. this goes out to anyone brave enough and willing to do the work. Nursing is hard crap guys… but if you want it, are willing to work your butt off, you can look forward to a purposeful life filled with experiences that will blow you away.

So there it is. My takeaways from this senior one semester of nursing school. Wow what a journey and I am so thankful for every second of it. Cheers to entering my last semester and taking on the world of nursing soon…. to be continued.

With lovee,

Rachael …

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