The Gardens

Today I had clinical out in Dallas at UT southwestern. Alec got up early with me and drove me down.. he dropped me off and picked me up! literally such a doll… I was so not stressed because of his help! Feeling so blessed to have such a wonderful boyfriend.

Soooo.. our first stop was the botanical gardens in fort worth! BEAUTIFUL loves. Our favorite was the Japanese garden. Its one of Alec and mines life goals to visit Japan at some point. The architecture, culture, and vibe is just so beautiful and we hope to get the chance to visit someday soon!…. We walked for a while and talked and took pictures and were goofy together. I will always remember these times … so fun and effortless. I am so in love and I love sharing it with you all. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! Outfit details below babes ( both Alec and my outfits)!!

Romper: Boutique ( ahhh i cant remember exactly but ill ask jessie when she gets back)

Kimono: forever21

Alecs Attire:

Hoodie: Adidas

Shirt: Pac Sun

Shorts: Tyler’s

Shoes: Adidas UB


6 responses to “The Gardens”

  1. So so beautiful! Also, what are clinicals like? Is it working at a hospital? I’ve heard mixed things. 😬
    Omgsh yes it is sort of!! It’s like working under an RN! I love it

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    1. Omgsh yes it is sort of!! It’s like working under an RN! I love it


  2. I only ask because right now I’m majoring in pre-nursing so I’m curious about nursing school ☺️ How often do you have clinicals?


    1. It depends on what semester you’re in!! I have 3 clinicals this semester ! And next semester I’ll have a preceptorship and one clinical!:)


  3. So does that mean that you work under an RN at three different places?


    1. YES! it depends on what clinical you are doing and where you are assigned! you work with a nurse for the clinical hours for that day!


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