start of spring break

Hey guys, thus far spring break has been super relaxing and much needed. Home has been wonderful! I really missed my parents and hanging out with my mom and little sister, Hannah! Jessie is out of the country with her cutie boyf( so jealous!)… But I get to go on a small road trip with my main guy back to fort worth! I have some clinicals I have to complete so we are making the best of the next 4 days !!

I am really excited to share some of our adventures together and include him in the blog some. His name is Alec :).. he is my absolute best friend and we’ve been together now for 5 years! (insane right?!) PS pics are included below…. hes super cute FYI 🙂

We have some fun plans when it comes to fort worth and are excited to share our favorite date spots and restaurants to visit! So this week I am planning on showing him off a bit… so excuse the “gushyness,” but we do have a long distance relationship so I am so extra when it comes to spending any kind of time together. I hope you guys are having a great week, working or vacationing.. remember to enjoy the day and be thankful for all you have!




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