spring break essentials

Hey beautiful people

Jessie and I are prepping for spring break and wanted to share some of our favorites!… Listing 5 of our must haves for the vacation time!

  1. Swimsuit 411: the one pictured is from pac sun! They have some really cute options! We also love target and we have a really amazing one piece from Khassani ( pictures to come… super cute and cant wait to share!)
  2. Jewelry: our fun bracelets in the picture above are from terra jewelry!!
  3. Jergens Natural glow self tanner is our favorite home tanner! We use tan2glow in fort worth for spray tanning which is absolutely amazing!!! WE recommend  if you’re in the dallas, fort worth area!
  4. Sunglasses: @katespade
  5. Romper: this super cute romper is from urban outfitters
  6. OKAY had to make a number 6 for makeup!!… hehe. So Anastasia Beverly hills glow kit! + Coconut oil to keep your skin and hair extra moisturized

XO babes,, have a happy and fun spring break!! or for those of you with another work week ahead… a fabulous time doing what you love! cheers!


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