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BABES! Wow, its been way to long since I have shared a bit about whats been happening in our lives so here it goes…

(ps: We plan on doing this more often because we want to share our adventures, and have a place to document all the amazing memories we create…. plus we love all of you and want you to be apart of our lives!)

Its so good to have a minute to decompress and update you all about whats been going on with Jess and I lately! We have been absolutely so busy with school stuff… job stuff… grown up stuff! I am deep in my senior 1 semester of nursing school and I must say it isn’t easy. I am up early most days and spend many hours in the library and at clinical! Man, this is a tough phase of my educational journey but I know in the end it will all be so worth it!

Jessie is applying for big girl jobs( and that’s just so stressful in itself) along with completing projects and developing senior show! She is working super hard to come up with a really awesome design concept to present early May! I am so proud of her and I cant wait to see all the amazing ideas she has come to life!! We will be posting her concepts on the blog and are excited to share that with you all!

Recipe creating is currently on hold with the craziness of college right now šŸ˜¦ but we are really excited to start up again in the summer more consistently! We so love sharing content with you guys and love your feed back! We really want this space to become a journal for us; a way to document our adventures together and apart! So recipes, fashion, makeup, hair… and hopefully are soon to be travels coming soon !

WE love you all, and so appreciate your love and support!


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