The latest :02/03/17

Hey guys! Super excited to share some of our favorite pieces with you all! School is super super busy this semester! Jessie is starting her job hunt and I am trudging through the craziness of nursing school! ( if anyone has any questions about nursing or interior design be sure to reach out because were are so more than excited to help anyone out!!) We both have such passion for our majors, and are excited to begin making a difference in the world in a few short months! We are busy bees, but are so happy and loving every minute of this semester so far!

Stress is definitely one of those things we deal with on a day to day basis. We love chamomile tea, candles, and going on walks! I also like to journal; it really helps to write out your feelings, fears, and anxieties. I would totally recommend it to anyone who struggles with stress! It works wonders! What are some of the ways you guys relieve stress? We would love to hear about them!

Some makeup tips belowwww:

 Lip liner : mac soar 

Glow kit: Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Foundation : FIT Maybelline 

Mascarera: Lancôme 

Eye pencil and brush: Lancôme 




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