Convo: The “411” on Shopping

Hello loves! So a questions we get asked a lot tend to be about our closet!… such as where did you find those? how do you shop at bigger stores?   How do you get the best deals?

So we have decided to answer these questions now as well as include some of our latest outfit details( look for those embedded further down babes)!

  1. We shop at many different places, and with research through social media like Instagram and Facebook  we love finding fun shops and boutiques from overseas!! Its all about doing your research and being confident in what you’re purchasing! A lot of times its nerve racking wearing something different … but if you wear it with confidence you will look beautiful and people will take after you! BE YOU.
  2. So I think we can all relate to how overwhelming it is walking into Forever21. The stores tend to be really big, a tad disorganized, and overall just a lot to take in ! We suggest making Forever 21 a shopping day all on its own! Then you can take your time really searching out for the quality pieces! Its all about taking your time and really going through the racks! Forever21 has amazing deals and some really awesome pieces… you just have to spend the time looking for what you want! Go in with a plan, items you’re wanting, colors even, and try and focus in as much as you can ! GAME PLAN.
  3. Its really important to not get discouraged when you’re in a store. If you find a piece you love but that’s too expensive… Don’t fret!! Most of the time after a month or so, stores move a lot of the inventory to sale as the new styles come in!! Keep your eye out for your favorite items and don’t give up on them!! FOLLOW THROUGH and be on the look out for SALES. [also major tip… student discounts are everywhere, so look into those online or even ask when you are in the store!!]


Hope these few hints help you during your shopping trips babes!!

Outfit details below:

Jessies outfit:

Black slip dress: forever21

Belt: below the belt

Shoes: lamoda

Rachael’s Outfit:

Blue flare dress: Urban Outfitters (SALE)

Green sweater slip: forever21

Shoes: ALDO

Super simple pieces you can put together and really make a statement!! With hair and makeup both outfits turned out really beautiful! Hope you guys have a great day!!




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