Grandma Florence’s Christmas cutout cookies 

ANNOUNCEMENT hehe** these cookies aren’t vegan! they are an old family recipe we make every year.** Since my grandma passed, its even more special to make these, and thats why I am sharing with you all!! They are her sugar cookies:very fluffy, and we ice at the end and top with sprinkles! This is something weve done since Jessie and I were little girls. The cookies are super light and just so unique! We will be sharing some photos below of the process and of the cookies themselves! We hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families! Thank you for your continual love and support of rubylemongirls!

As you guys have probably noticed, weve re done our site a bit and created a new brand icon! Hope you guys like it ! We would love to hear your feedback on it! We have been working hard to come out with a new look and are excited to show it off! It is still a work in progress so we are sure there will be some changes… but for the most part we think we got a good handle on it! Comment below on your opinions of the new site……

MERRY CHRISTMAS BABES, pics to follow….


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