Snackin’ on some Yumminess

Hey guys, so post finals we wanted to give you all some tips for next semester when it comes to snacking during finals!! It’s hard when you get busy so early prep is best! Stocking with healthy snacks for on the go or late at night when you need that extra boost of brain power! Nursing has been super tough, and I will be finally finishing my junior II semester and will have just two semesters left!!! ahhh. Time really does fly! Jess is a frickin senior! Literally job searching next semester.. so crazy!! Anyways.. see some fun snacks below that are full of good nutrients !!

1.NUGO bars (favorite flavor: salted caramel)

2.Carrots + Rawbar spice for flavor + AVO

3.Popcorn (skinny girl is freaking good guys)

4. Hot cocoa + vida glow

5.Yogurt (great protein girlies)

6. Kale chips( they are super easy to bake!! Recipe coming soon)

7. NANAICECREAM — premade in your freezer to access whenever. Top with granola ❤


Hope you guys enjoy,, and use these yummy snacks next semester for mid terms!!

XO,, Rubylemongirls!




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